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Make sure to submit your DTA entries!

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by Dragon-Eternal

Hello hello! wanted to do a quick pop in here to make sure users who are entering for the DTA Timid Tides submit their entries to the post found here: by no longer july 31st midnight cst but September 30th midnight cst

UPDATE 8/1/22: due to the species going on hiatus, the judging for this dta will be postponed during the hiatus. i apologize for this, but due to current events going down i and the staff team cannot give proper judging on this dta that we feel would give a fair winner. we appreciate everyones entries, interest, and unique pieces going from digital to traditional, physical crafts and animations! and is another reason why it is best to take our time in deciding a winner. if you have any questions in regards to the DTA or your entries, etc, feel free to ask! we hope that july has been well enough, and that august will be better <3, have a lovely day! 

UPDATE 8/2/22: it has been decided by admin that we will let entries for the DTA Timid Tides to continue during out hiatus, please make sure that your entries are put in then before the end of our hiatus (September 30th midnight) for your entry to count! thank you for waiting!

UPDATE 8/9/22: in response to a poll put up on the scarfox discords, we will be giving a very rare potion to second and third place runner ups as a thank you for putting in so much effort for your entries! 

-entries MUST be submitted to my featured comment (image provided below) on that post to COUNT AS AN ENTRY! users who just submit to the crystal gallery or DA and do not post the filled out entry form in the comment of the post will NOT BE COUNTED


you must reply to this featured comment to enter using the entry form provided in this comment! if you have made multiple entries you must submit them in separate form entries so we can keep things organized! max 3 entries for participant! 

would also like to remind users who are entering, and for the future winner of this fox, that there will be a 6 month cooldown on this design as its a free desgin

if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask below! thank you so much for reading and we hope you have a lovely july <3


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I am tagging everyone on this because this is a rather important announcement that I am going to be making. 

From TOMORROW until OCTOBER 1st 2022, the Scarfox Realm and Staffing will be taking a small hiatus. 

We have come to a decision that we will need some time to come back with some updated stuff as well as editing somethings on the site and more events to come. 

Updates will be going out between these months as you guys traverse the site. I request that in during these two months, questions about MYO updates and design updates be placed on a temporary hold to give us time for our small MYO team to recover and hopefully hire more MYO mods. 

I am kindly asking that all claims, myo designs, and design updates be placed on a brief hold.

That being said, there is an issue I need to address regarding to personal health. Due to a situation, I myself need a small breather from the community as things today have led to uncertainties. I am going to be taking a bunch of medication for my recent diagnosis and this situation has affected my mental health. I need to take a small moment to gather myself and my thoughts before I continue to put more into the species as a whole. Provided proof of my diagnosis is below as well as proof that I do need to pay for these meds as my insurance does not cover them.

I'm not giving up on it I just need a small break and come back fully fresh to continue doing work on the site and expanding. 

Please I ask kindly that the community complies with our decision as staff. 

Thank you for your time and support!




Draw to Adopt Reminder!

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time is about halfway up to enter for this draw to adopt, please make sure you have your submissions in before the end of the month (july 31st midnight cst) to count! the current entries are looking beautiful, and we know this is going to be a tough choice to make! thank you so much for your participation, and happy 4th of july!!