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Character Theft PSA

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It has been brought to the scarfox staffings attention that the user (whose gone by many alias's but it currently known as RickTheFox21YT#4608 on discord, and RickFox22 on the realm (both banned)) has been noted on countless attempts to steal other peoples characters, either cs, one offs, personal sonas, ripoff ocs, etc, and is currently looking into scarfoxes from a post shared to us by a member.
Please make sure to keep your foxes ML on hand in their TH for authentication, watermarks on, and if you do spot your fox being stolen by this or other users on TH please make a ticket to th staffing with proof of ownership and theft, and dm one of the staffing here with screenshot proof.
if anyone starts getting random dms from this member or any member who solicits on foxes not up for offers please contact a staff member immediately with screenshot proof and we will handle them accordingly. Please stay safe out there, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the QnA, you can read the PSA about this member here:
PLEASE make sure to read this journals and the documents warnings as some may be triggering to viewers: 

Timid Tides DTA Winners!

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 Hello hello! We have a final decision on our winner for this years DTA Timid Tides, as well as our 2 runner ups! It was lovely seeing so many entrants and different approaches to this DTA! From stylistic choices to art medium choices, we took our time deliberating over entrants and those we got tied on! We made the choice to hold the tiebreaker to the community against the top 2 pieces, and left the vote open for 48 hours, leaving us with our winner! The winner of the DTA is.... 

Ryvin with their lovely entry Tidal Summoning! You've won Timid Tides, I will be contacting you shortly in regards to this!

When the extension was granted to enter over our hiatus, we also held a vote on if the community would be ok with 2 runner ups, each one would get a VR potion! The community said yes, so we also have your 2 runner ups! Our first runner up is.....

Layaking with their gorgeous entry! This was no joke in choosing, none of the staffing would budge on their votes between these 2 entrants as both blew us away! I'll be sending our your prize shortly!

And our second runner up is.....

HungryNeko with their paper curl entry!

Staffing enjoyed the take you did on her waves that helped it stand out! I will be sending out your prize shortly!

While judging the entries for this DTA we focused on quality over quantity, taking into account factors such as effort, execution, and creativity. Judging the entrants was very tricky, but we appreciate all the entries that users sent in. Your entries were all beautiful and creative. We will look into hosting more DTA's in the future as chances arise, so please remember there will be other chances to win! If you entered for this DTA feel free to submit your entries to the crystal gallery if you havent already! All pieces submitted to the entry form have been uploaded to the characters toyhouse. Thank you so much for entering, we hope you had fun and that taking on drawing this design may have helped you develop your art skills more! That's all for now, we hope you have a lovely October and that you look forward to what we have in store for the future, take care! 

Scammer Beware

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PSA we have been made aware that there is a user going around posing as korajora (kawi) and making it seem like a fox never sold, asking the follow up bidder to pay for the adopt. Please make sure to fully read the name/check the account and CHECK THE MASTERLIST to make sure its the right user and that the fox is still available or not. As to date as far as we know all kawi foxes have been sold. If you get scammed there is nothing we can do about it, if you do by chance get scammed report them to DA and paypal/whatever transaction service they ask you to use. If for some reason you cant get it back via asking through paypal and co, ask your bank to reverse the transaction if possible. Thank you for reading and stay safe 

This seems to be happening with other popular artists as well such as kitkaloid, always check the profile if you can!

☆Scarfox Realm Hiatus Info☆

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The following information provided below is to update the community on what we will be working on and aiming to get done for the species, as there are things overdue that have been getting put on the backburner due to irl situations hitting the staff team without much of any break.


we ask for users to keep any negative remarks that have no constructive basis to themselves in regards to the topic at hand, and request for your patience as we formulate future bulletins on other topics we will be responding to. you can find a link to our suggestions form at the bottom of this journal if you wish to let us know your thoughts and ideas.



this is a form of goal chart, we will do out best to meet the goals listed below, but we do not know what is in store for us irl over the next 2 months and overall future, we request that the community will bear with us as we are just people trying our best when we can offer our best.


We won't be doing:

  • NEW Prompts & Events

  • MYO Approvals & Questions

  • Design Update Approvals & Questions

  • Craft Crystal Gallery Submissions

We will be doing:

  • Claims

  • Crystal Gallery

  • Site Error Reports

  • Answering # scarfox-questions

  • Helping members with site problems.

  • Creating adopts for the species

What we will be aiming to work on over the Hiatus:

  • Looking to Hire more MYO Staff

  • MYO prices and releases

  • Voiding Discussion

  • T.O.S update

  • Crystal Currency Update

  • Subspecies

  • Direction of the Species (where are we headed and why things have been slow)

  • Figuring out a Better Format of Handling Situations Involving MYO's or Designs

  • Crystal Gallery Rewards for Craft Pieces

  • How to submit MYO and Design Update Doc/On site Visual Guide

  • Voucher Information

  • Updated System for Community Situation Handling

(this one may take some time/will be continually evolving as we are all different people in the staffing system and cope/handle with stress and tension in different ways, with each situation being case by case. we will be trying to learn and utilize better ways to handle situations that happen as to not have a situation make a member of the community feel overwhelmed in the future as best as we can. we are planning to release another bulletin that will explain more on this topic once properly composed and read through with cool heads. But this does not mean we will be perfect with every situation, and ask that users remember that we are human and have alot of pressure on us due to being a bigger species and trying to meet community expectations on a constant. Some of the staff team has different health problems and situations, some of which that affects us on a constant daily basis that make life a bit tricky to put it lightly, so we ask for your patience and understanding if possible. We will be aiming to do better as we have tried to before, no matter the hills on this journey of learning how to run a large closed species, but to learn we need time, more time than some may expect as we each learn and process this information at different rates. we thank you for sticking around and learning with us, and hope that future bulletins and communications can help clear up some confusion, and show the community that we are going to take accountability for what has happened over the course of the new ownership as best as we can.)





the questions and answers below may be updated with more accurate information as we work on these topics and figure out final choices over the span of our hiatus, and or will be adding in new questions and answers to make this a resource hub of information for the hiatus. We will make a minor update ping and news bulletin when we have updated this in a significant way that will affect the information of this original post.

  • Q- This is out of the blue and it feels like I won't be able to participate in the species. What can I do to earn currency without having my fox approved and or on the ML?


A: use our npcs! or ask in the request channel for foxes to draw! You can also go onto the masterlist and hit the gift art allowed button and search to find many foxes who are open for artwork or usage for prompts!

  • -On the topic of prompts, will we be able to do the year long ones still?


A: yep yep! pass it along and self care will be available during this time. you may also earn crystals by doing fox of the month, or making any form of artwork excluding crafts as this is being reworked.

  • Q- This isn't fair to users who were making their designs and now have to wait 2 months for it to be approved.


A: We are sorry for this inconvenience, at this time the myo staffing have been facing some very strong irl situations and issues that have taken their time and energy almost completely away from species work. approving designs for the species is a tricky balance and is case by case, as things will slip by sometimes and then lead to a problem later on, or will receive a rushed answer that has not been talked over, which gives way to more confrontations and tension in the community, which we are trying to work on as best as we can to better handle these situations in the future. This hiatus will help the myo staffing recoop to better take on this task, as well as give us time to look for new myo staffing.

  • Q- What's going on with the cash shop? Will it be closed during the hiatus? And why?


A: yes as design updates and myo approvals will be closed during this timeframe, we will also be going through another phase of trying to determine what is the best pricing for myos and the best way to manage the shop for said myos. more of this will be explained in a future bulletin

  • Q- The species is on hiatus but you're still making adopts?


A: yes, as some of the staff team relies on this species for income to support themselves and or their families as they can, and genuinely enjoy creating designs for the species and bringing in new takes and ideas to inspire users! during this hiatus we are still active in some ways as other things are being reworked, and for some of the team making adopts is a way to relax and enjoy the work we already do! we thank you for your understanding on this decision.

  • Q- What's going on with the craft earning rewards?


A: During the hiatus any Craft submitted to the crystal gallery will get 1 Crystal only. Our goal is to have the worth fixed by the end of the hiatus. Once fixed users can submit a claim with the link to their craft gallery submission to receive the updated amount. We are also aiming to have this coded into our gallery submission form, along with the plan to separate out some of the choices such as backgrounds being merged with shaded and rendered, but this is still in the works as we must prioritize certain things above other things. We appreciate your patience as we continue to update ourselves on this.

  • Q- Will the scavenging system be updated during the hiatus or put on hold as well?


A: Not at this time, as we will instead choose to focus on other matters at hand that are more pressing

  • Q- What if i want to trade sell or gift my fox? or soul bind them if my six months is up during the hiatus?

A: all good to do! soulbinding is done via the claims system and does not affect the listed things we wont be doing


if you have a suggestion on certain topics or ideas, please submit it to the suggestions form found here and we will go through them when available!


we appreciate your time and understanding with us, and hope that you have a lovely day

Make sure to submit your DTA entries!

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Hello hello! wanted to do a quick pop in here to make sure users who are entering for the DTA Timid Tides submit their entries to the post found here: by no longer july 31st midnight cst but September 30th midnight cst

UPDATE 8/1/22: due to the species going on hiatus, the judging for this dta will be postponed during the hiatus. i apologize for this, but due to current events going down i and the staff team cannot give proper judging on this dta that we feel would give a fair winner. we appreciate everyones entries, interest, and unique pieces going from digital to traditional, physical crafts and animations! and is another reason why it is best to take our time in deciding a winner. if you have any questions in regards to the DTA or your entries, etc, feel free to ask! we hope that july has been well enough, and that august will be better <3, have a lovely day! 

UPDATE 8/2/22: it has been decided by admin that we will let entries for the DTA Timid Tides to continue during out hiatus, please make sure that your entries are put in then before the end of our hiatus (September 30th midnight) for your entry to count! thank you for waiting!

UPDATE 8/9/22: in response to a poll put up on the scarfox discords, we will be giving a very rare potion to second and third place runner ups as a thank you for putting in so much effort for your entries! 

-entries MUST be submitted to my featured comment (image provided below) on that post to COUNT AS AN ENTRY! users who just submit to the crystal gallery or DA and do not post the filled out entry form in the comment of the post will NOT BE COUNTED


you must reply to this featured comment to enter using the entry form provided in this comment! if you have made multiple entries you must submit them in separate form entries so we can keep things organized! max 3 entries for participant! 

would also like to remind users who are entering, and for the future winner of this fox, that there will be a 6 month cooldown on this design as its a free desgin

if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask below! thank you so much for reading and we hope you have a lovely july <3

Draw to Adopt Reminder!

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time is about halfway up to enter for this draw to adopt, please make sure you have your submissions in before the end of the month (july 31st midnight cst) to count! the current entries are looking beautiful, and we know this is going to be a tough choice to make! thank you so much for your participation, and happy 4th of july!!