2D Ears (Unstable)

Category: Ears
Species: Scarfox


This trait essentially collapses a scarfoxes ear into a completely flat or near completely flat 2D plane. The stud of a fox's ear rests on top of the now flat surface, much like it was glued on there! Alone this trait is fairly simple in usage, the flat ear can be laid flat against the top of a fox's head either forward or backward, giving the illusion of it missing ears for personal artwork, NOT masterlist entries. This is for ease of seeing the trait in use, and to not create a false appearance of missing both ears on a fox.

This ear trait cannot be creased in the center to give it 3D depth due to the stiffness of the fused/melded fabric. The ears are thinnest for folding at the base connection to the top of the head

  • Why is this trait unstable? 
    • These ears are sealed flat and "melded" together, preventing any mist from entering or leaving VS. Holes and tears where a fox's ear(s) remain in a 3D plane even when ripped apart in areas. 


 This trait is combinable with other head traits, such as:

  • R floppy ears - the flat ear can be creased folded and crinkled up into shapes, even folded up like origami! These ears can also be rolled up with this trait into a cute tight curl!
  • VR winged ears - can give a flat paper-like 3D folded wing look. 
  • VR Ear Extensions - to increase the effects you'd like to use on this! An idea of this would be U 2D ears, VR long floppy ears, to make long flowing curled ribbon-like ears! 


This trait CANNOT:

  • Have the standard 3D scarfox ear look, it must resemble the example image given for this trait! 

Examples of some combinations can be seen below:



If you have any questions or concerns about this trait or possible combinations, please contact Darci or Benaberrry for further help! 

This information may be updated in the future to better explain and structure this information for the benefit of the staffing and community.

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