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A celebration as a thank you to the Moon for providing protection from the Fallen God Yste's wrath.


"... Ahhh that time again it seems. I am not so fond of this Festival due to my own reasoning but I do hope you enjoy it. I will be reading an old Chronicle Book on how this event came about. Regardless of my opinion, you should have fun and enjoy the longer nights. I heard bathing in the moonlight can be beneficial to us especially with the cool breeze of winter quickly approaching. Don't mind me I am simply here to record what happens on this night. After all, I have to keep an eye on the Mini God since he is currently sleeping and will be until Spring comes again..."


Welcome to the Orb of Night Festival

This is to thank the Moonlight for protecting the shadows of the Fallen God Yste's wrath. Through thousands of years, this has been the story but during this month Astral will be leaving hints regarding the ACTUAL story of what truly happened that night. It's your curiosity and determination to figure out the hints and the story while being careful of the fragmented Souls that bounce every night against the barrier of the moonlight, seeking cover within the fabric threads of the Scarfox body. 

Astral has something to say...

"Hello everyone as the start of this Festival I shall give you the first hint now..."

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" His name was Yste (Ice -ta), he was the one that presented Autumn to us back then. Coming down in a cloak of shades of brown almost like it was made from Maple trees and with just simply touching the blades of grass under him, the realm would turn into that nice shade of his cloak. "



" Enjoy the event and I hope to see you around for storytime! "





  • Below are some ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:

    • Your Scarfox setting up their home with a jar or multiple jars of Moon Water
    • Gifting Moon Water jars to other Scarfoxes including their friends
    • Listening to Astral telling the story of the Fallen God Yste
    • Sitting in the large space of the moonlight with friends or powering their jar by themselves
    • Curious about the moonlight's barrier and what is past it
    • Getting possessed/running from Yste's Souls
    • You may include Astral reading a book to a group or a singular Scarfox


  • Yste's Souls can only possess Scarfoxes who are either fully Mystic or fully Hollow and make them Unstable.
  • This means a Scarfox with one/multiple Mystic traits or a Hollow with one/multiple traits.
  • Common to Very Rare Scarfoxes can be possessed but they won't turn Unstable permanently, only for the night that they got possessed, and by morning the Yste Souls would be gone from their bodies. 
  • The only way to obtain Yste Souls is through random encounters in the Discord server as long as your Scarfox meets the requirements above. 
  • Please make sure you click the link to read up on what sort of permanent trait your Scarfox will receive. 


  • Fullbody, Shaded, and Background. Can be one Scarfox or more. 
  • Literature part of the event will be 1K - 2k. 
  • You're welcome to include Astral but you do not have to do it.



You will have the opportunity to obtain a Starry Moon Crystal Badge and those lucky will get to turn their Hollow or Mystic Scarfoxes into an Unstable using Yste's Souls.



Reward Amount
Chronicle Pages 200
Crystals 500
Starry Moon Crystal Badge 1
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