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Ends: 31 May 2023, 23:59:59 CDT (7 minutes from now)



"... Within the Hidden Garden & the Wind Valley, more flowers bloomed across the land after recent rainfall. 

The terrain displayed by vibrate and multiple shades of pink flowers welcoming the month of May adorn with the sweet smell of blossomed flowers filling the air.

Perhaps you should grab someone dear to you and run across the field together. Someone who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take ..."


Welcome to May Prompt 2023! Mother’s Day is coming so this month we’ll be having another calm and sweet prompt
Spending time with a person who feels like a parent or who has been there for you.


Location: HIDDEN GARDEN & Wind valley

Below are some ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:

  • Draw or Write your Scarfox enjoying chilling out with someone that they feel a motherly connection with.
  • Draw or Write your Scarfox gifting another fox who is like a mother.


  • Must be a fullbody or shows most of the body, with color, detailed background, and another character. A fullbody counts at 90% of the body showing minimum without being obscured by foreground, middle ground, or background, or body parts of other creatures or foxes
  • Any literature pieces must be minimum of 1k words.
  • There must be two Scarfoxes within the image.
  • You must create and submit your own prompt entry to receive the rewards of this prompt, you cannot submit for someone else
  • Non-Owners are welcome to participate by using NPCs or another member's scarfox with their permission. NPC Astral is able to be used.
  • your fox must be placed in the listed biome location, the background must look like the listed biome in some way or form


Participants will receive the Mothers Pearl Badge, as well as a Free Common MYO slot, 20 chronicle pages, and 300 crystals! 

9-image.png  58-image.png

Note: you can enter this prompt up to 3 times total to earn extra crystals and pages ONLY. (max 900 crystals and 60 chronicle pages) to claim rewards for extra entries youll need to submit via a claim! 


Reward Amount
Mother's Pearls Badge 1
Free MYO Ticket 1
Chronicle Pages 20
Crystals 300

🌳Fleurs Tidy Topiary Contest🌳

Category: Holiday Prompts
Ends: 21 June 2023, 00:00:00 CDT (2 weeks from now)

Fleur's love of fresh life also springs forth a fresh vision of how the hidden gardens could look! bring out your chompiest pet, its time to sculpt the trees!


⟡🌳 Fleur's tidy topiary contest🌳 ⟡

"... The lush life brought back to the hidden garden area is always a wonderful sight, especially to the god of spring Fleur, but not many foxes know she's the one whose made the biome look the way its been since the beginning! With a gentle flutter and a graceful dance across the ponds, her footsteps and breath have made soil rich with nutrients once more, the spores of pollen trickling off her being cause fields to explode in an array of colors and blooms, insects and fauna alike have been reborn into the realm with a promise of a beautiful second existence thanks to Fleurs dedication, but even she can overdo it sometimes, and it seems to be the case for the trees and shrubbery in the land!  ..."

For this prompt, foxes alike who are interested in gaining the graces of Fleur shall aim to help her in her plight! Using interesting methods to sculpt and trim back the overgrowth of the land into beautiful forms that would please the god of spring, and would bring out even more beauty in the land! Fleur wonders if you'll take your time and cut with delicate precision, or bring in a pair of shears and take on an enormous tree!

Fleur the God of Spring




Below are some ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:

  • Draw or Write a Scarfox tending to the hidden gardens overgrown nature! Is it by the guiding hand of a green thumbed fox, or by a more brute like nature with some heavy duty tools! 
  • Draw or Write a scarfox shaping or trimming the trees and or bushes into something delightful for the goddess of spring! do they take a delicate touch to the scene, aiminig for a more gentle guiding of the plant life via the art of bonsai, or do they overdue it and leave the trees with a little more bark than leaf! 


  • Must be fullbody (normal or chibi), or shows most of the body (85%), with color and background.
  • Any literature pieces must be minimum 1k words.
  • You must add at least 1 Scarfox! If you do not have a Scarfox, you are free to draw any NPC and submit your prompt
  • Non-Owners are welcome to participate by using NPCs or another member's scarfox with their permission
  • must depict the theme of the prompt
  • use of biome location is mandatory, your entries background must look like the biome in some way (for the hidden garden, the trees or hydrangea bushes are key features)
  • You may only enter this prompt up to 3 times to earn a total 450 crystals, and 3 spring eggs, chronicle pages do not double!
  • please submit your extra entries via claims for processing as the extra award distribution is different! 

Participants will receive 150 crystals, a Spring Egg, and 50 Chronicle Pages



Reward Amount
Crystals 150
Chronicle Pages 50
Spring Egg 1

🌱Fleur's Floral Wisdom🌱

Category: Lore Prompts
Ends: 21 June 2023, 23:59:59 CDT (3 weeks from now)

The God of Spring has made her presence known in the Hidden Garden biome, and she wishes to show the realm the beauty of springs fresh life!


⟡  🌱Fleurs Floral Wisdom 🌱⟡

"... The crisp cold of the months winters have begun to melt in Fleur's domain, the Hidden Garden. Wildlife coming out of its hibernation like states, the fresh hydration to the land making everything look crisp and colorful once more as the trees dance in the fresh winds, the suns rays accelerating the growth of the lily pads in her ponds, the god of the biome is never as pleased as when her land is reborn anew for the season! With her freshly found joy and memories of experiencing the summer with Dipsi the god of said season, Fleur has been inspired to share the wonderful things about her biome with other foxes as well for the first time! ..."

While Fleur has many gifts the All Mother has bestowed upon her, her first gift to all is the gift of new life! Fleur has a naturally kind and sweethearted disposition, primarily aimed at helping life bloom the brightest during the spring! In this prompt, Fleur wishes to show all how to nurture and bring fresh life to the biome via a gardening practice! While many foxes can grow plants without much of an issue, Fleur has created the biomes first all synthetic plant life that doesnt grow naturally like others (via watering and sunlight), but instead based on the magic of the land its given! Known as the Pretend Peonies, these petal layered blossoms seem to resemble fabric petals of many types (from cloth to silk to sequins!), with strong flexible plastic stems and leaves of soft matcha green coloring, and its blossoms ranging in pastel colors (primarily found in yellows or pinks, but other colors exist). These plants are known to be tough to preen and shape, but have been found to grow differently depending on the type of magic and emotion thats sent to nurture the seedling in the soil! 

Fleur the God of Spring

In this prompt, foxes will be asked to place their magic and thoughts of spring into a seedling fleur will provide for them, and have it blossom into what they believe the true meaning of spring is to them! While the average bloom is noted above, these blooms can differ greatly depending on the emotions and magic put into them! for example, a seedling fed an agressive or irritated emotion can grow to have big thorns and leaves, and tiny blooms! While a seedling fed an emotinon of generosity can make a few blooms turn into a living bouquet of blossoms for all to enjoy! These seedling can be quite customizable, so be wary of which fox nurtures their seedling!




Below are some ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:

  • Draw or write a Scarfox planting their seedling into a pot that expresses their emotions! does the pot have cracks and chips in it to signify a broken soul, is it blank and barren to express a lack of emotions? is it bright and colorful to express the cheer and happiness of your fox? is the pot itty bitty and can just barely sprout the seedling, or is it in a 10 gallon pot with plenty of room to grow! feel free to get creative with your pots!
  • Draw or write a Scarfox placing magic into their seedling via holding it or placing their hands over the soil its buried in! is your foxes magic dark and heavy, or soft and airy, almost playful and wispy! this is not to specify an element your fox's magic is, but moreso their emotion while applying it! 
  • Draw or write a Scarfox with their plant blossomed and grown, presenting it to Fleur! Would Fleur be concerned if your plant grew spikes, or exicted for a new variation of her Pretend Peonies! Would she be amazed its grown as tall as her 12 foot godliness, or in absolute adorable awe at its singular gorgeous blossom just an inch above the soil line? have fun with the idea! 


  • Must be fullbody, or shows most of the body (85%), with color and background.
  • Any literature pieces must be minimum 1k words.
  • You must add at least 1 Scarfox and the god of the prompt Fleur! If you do not have a Scarfox, you are free to draw any other NPC alongside Fleur
  • Non-Owners are welcome to participate by using NPCs or another member's scarfox with their permission (you can search the masterlist by hitting advanced search, scrolling down, and tapping the gift art allowed button then hit search!)
  • must depict the theme of the prompt, and include a small written blurb in your prompt entry about what emotion your fox is expressing! 
  • use of biome location is mandatory, your entries background must look like the biome in some way (for the hidden garden, the trees or hydrangea bushes are key features)
  • You may only enter this prompt once

Participants will receive the Clover Crystal Badge, 300 crystals, 100 chronicle pages, and a Spring Egg! 



Reward Amount
Clover Crystal Badge 1
Crystals 300
Chronicle Pages 100
Spring Egg 1

[PROMPT] Self Care

Ends: 31 December 2023, 23:59:59 CST (7 months from now)

Cups of tea or coffee, relaxing music, a soft breeze through the room, and a bean bag chair to sink into, its time to vibe and care for yourself <3




"...It‘s that time, can you believe it? Have you taken a good nap? Drawn a good picture? Or even read a nice book while listening to soft rain sounds on loop~"

For this prompt, its time to take care of yourself! Yep that’s it. Anything your fox enjoys doing that helps them feel a little, or even a lot better from day to day basis it’s time to advantage of it. simple things, grandiose things, anything; That helps them enjoy the day creating memories whether it’s mayhem, fun, serenity, or just joy overall. Life is passing by way too quickly even for scarfoxes to not just show some love to themselves.

so your job is to create simple fun memories by participating in karaoke, hanging with loved ones, Etc. Just anything that is essential in their recipe for self-care as long as it makes them feel rejuvenated and better and gives them a nice reset or another words you can say battery charge it can be utilized in this prompt! 


  • Below are some example ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:
  • this prompt is fairly free form to your imagination, but you need to include your fox participating in positive activities.
  • You may only earn one badge from each of these prompts for their duration of the year!  

    • your fox having a pleasant day taking a walk in a forest, or by water.
    • your fox dancing with themselves to loud silly music to get energy out!
    • last but not least potentially face masks while drink a warm drink.

  • Fullbody, Colored, with Background
  • Literature minimum amount of 1K words 
  • Please be aware that you must depict your fox experiencing some sort of positive activity
  • must be either your own fox(es) or a NPC that can be used for this prompt. 



Participants will receive a Self Care badge, Chronicle Pages, and 150 crystals!



Reward Amount
Self Care Badge 1
Chronicle Pages 20
Crystals 150

[PROMPT] Pass It Along

Ends: 31 December 2023, 23:59:59 CST (7 months from now)

It’s time to open your heart, to be kind and to expect nothing in return, and appreciate the small things in life~




 Ever been put in a situation when you’re down on your luck? Where you don’t have as much as you need for a given situation, where you've been in need of someone, but instead had been short on friends when you needed them? Sometimes its nice to remember to give and not expect anything in return. To be kind to those you don’t know and not expect anything out of it but just to be happy with the idea of putting more good into the world!

For this prompt you’ll be required to simply surprise someone with a drawing of their fox. The idea is to participate and be a gift that keeps on giving! Try to do your best with a sprinkle of tlc in there, it could make someones day or month or even year! 
you’ll  never know when you’ll need it, and never knowing when you'll get something back, so if you have the time we hope you participate to make someones day a bit better!


  • Below are some optional ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:
    • draw a fox!
    • write about a story that the character could embark on, ideas are open for interpretation and can coincide with other prompts that are going on in the current month if one wishes
  • Fullbody, Flatcolored, simple background 
  • Literature minimum amount of 500 words 
  • You are NOT allowed to draw your own fox, a friend’s fox, take requests, or NPCs for this prompt.
  • The idea is to grab random number generated (RNG) foxes and surprise an individual with a gift, sort of like a year long secret santa deal! 
  • you must check to see the fox that your drawling has permissions on to allow gift art or gift writing in order to receive the reward for this prompt.



Participants will receive the Pass It Along Badge and 150 crystals per entry, you can enter up to five total times for a total earning of 750 crystals per month


  • You can participate in this prompt up to five times a month. Afterwards if you continue you will no longer receive rewards.
  • You may only earn one badge from each of these prompts for their duration of the year!  
  • to claim your extra entries rewards, please submit a claim with the link to your entry letting us know which # it is! ex. "pass it along entry #2" noted in the descriptior 
  • This will refresh every month on the first of the month, if you reroll the same fox you've drawn before we recommend to roll once more until you hit a fox you havent drawn yet for this prompt! 



Reward Amount
Pass It Along Badge 1
Crystals 150
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