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Created: 29 December 2020, 21:40:39 CST
Last updated: 1 March 2021, 16:49:10 CST

What Is A Scarfox? 

Scarfoxes are a closed species by Kawiku / Kakiwa.

Scarfox are considered magical living dolls that are fully aware, sentient and identify with different personalities and interest, just like humans.

They are extremely flexible and do not have bones. Scarf arms are attached to the body and cannot be removed.

Their general height range is between four to eight feet tall.

These creatures are empowered with magic and use these gifts to interact with their environment and each other. One features that distinguishes scarfoxes like any other creature is that instead of blood, they have a special mist in their bodies. Like a human, when hurt, in place of blood, mist will leak out. When this happens, they fix themselves or get help. It is said there are some scarfox that have no mist in their bodies called Hollows. They are currently a mystery.

It is said that scarfox' are people given another chance at life, and thus are reborn. 

What is a Closed Species?

A closed species technically means that you are not allowed to make your own scarfox.

Despite this, there are many different ways to obtain a scarfox. 



One way to obtain a scarfox is through auctions. In auctions you bid with other members and non owners for the chance to purchase the scarfox that is being auctioned off. Sometimes there are autobuy (AB) prices, where a user may purchase the scarfox outright for a predetermined value instead of bidding. But there are some auctions have no AB prices. These include charity related and custom auctions.

Despite their prices, there are specific sales for first time owners. For these auctions the AB prices are either significantly cheaper or do not exist in order to allow members with limited funds an opportunity to obtain a scarfox.

Another way to obtain a scarfox is through flatsales. Flatsales, like their name entails are adopts sold for a set price, or, "flat rate". Flatsales are, due to their nature, "first come, first serve" or by raffle. Prices of flatsales depend on the scarfox's traits and other predetermined design features. Like auctions, there are FTO only opportunities for flatsales as well. 

Scarfoxes can also be obtained through raffles. Raffles include Draw to Adopt style raffles as well as traditional lottery raffles. Draw To Adopt (DTA) raffles are entered by drawing the scarfox.

Once in a while, either the creator or authorized artists are allowed to create custom scarfoxes. The prices and availability of customs depend on the artist themselves. You may watch the group and/or artists for notifications when customs are offered.  

Different from prompts, the group hosts events in which members and non-members can win a free scarfox or even MYO slots. MYO slots are exceedingly rare and thus are given out as event prizes presently. Each event has different requirements and context, so the prizes all depend on the event. 

Okay...What Do I Do Now?

Scarfoxes can be used for anything! Personal use is not limited in any way. You can draw them, make up stories, and anything to your heart's content. If you would like to participate in the group-provided ARPG though, we have outlined a few pointers below!

Sign up!
The first thing to do before you participate in the Scarfox ARPG is to create an account! Accounts are used to track your ARPG progress as well as access minigames and other member-exclusive content.

Collecting Collectible Items
There are some items that are collectible and even spendable. The main collectible and spendable item are Crystals. Crystals are earned by completing a prompt entry; either art or literature. For every entry you complete and submit to the Gallery, the website will calculate the amount of crystals you earn and you will automatically be awarded (once a mod approves!). There are other collectible items that you can collect doing prompts, rites, and events! 

What are Rites?
Rites are essentially the main "quests" your scarfox may complete throughout the ARPG. Rites are designed to allow you create your own story for your scarfox. Each rite has guided yet open ended guidelines to ensure as much creative freedom as possible. The aim of rites is not only to be a way to participate in the ARPG and earn Crystals, but to encourage you to develop your scarfox in parallel to ARPG progression.

Crystals are spendable and can be used to buy stock at shops! Crystals can be used to buy potions and other items



Creating A MYO (Make Your Own)


If you have obtained an MYO (Make Your Own) slot or item, please follow the steps below in order to get your MYO Scarfox on our site and in your ownership: 

  1. If you have an MYO slot Item, click on the item in your inventory and press "Use Item". This will create an MYO slot under your account within the MYO Slot masterlist 
  2. On the MYO slot's page, there section on the left-hand side that says submit design. Here you will be able to submit an image of your MYO, the traits it has, and all the other neccesary info. After it is submitted, all you need to do is wait to get a notification to find out if your MYO has been approved. 

If you own a MYO slot and it has not been uploaded after the 5th of March 2021 please submit a claim with proof of purchase/obtaining!



Any questions or concerns?

Comment below or send a message in our discord chat!


Dragonne Avatar

Hello, Good evening

I have two questions for you.

I obtained a myo ticket following an event a few years ago (2022). Due to several problems I had to stay away from the fandom for more than two years. I would like to know if my myo ticket was still valid?

My second question, I'm having trouble drawing this species, I'd like to know if an artist who isn't part of the fandom or isn't an official artist of the species, can do a custom for me?

Of course I'm well aware that I'd have to credit the artist and that I'd have to show proof that I have the right to make one for myself.

I apologize for the mistakes, English is not my national language.

Please have a nice day/evening.

2024-06-19 12:13:24

Dragon-Eternal Avatar
Dragon-Eternal Staff Member

myo tickets do not expire and can be activated at any time through your inventory!

yes people who are not officially of the species can design your fox, just make sure they have our basic anatomy references to help prevent rejection and editing through our submissions! if you need your myo checked we'd recommend joining the discord and posting it in our myo feedback channel following the pinned form! any other questions please dm me, have a lovely day <3

2024-06-24 14:44:02

Picaru Avatar

Hi! I'm finally dipping my toes into everything this species has to offer (I've had my Scarfox for a long time, but haven't been able to really dive into everything until recently) and was wondering: do you earn rewards or anything from commissioning and receiving that artwork of your Scarfox? I seem to remember that being a thing when I first joined the species, but I can't remember if it still is or not - I hope you don't mind my asking! ; w;/

2024-05-22 17:58:54

Dragon-Eternal Avatar
Dragon-Eternal Staff Member

heyo! apologies for the late reply, commissioned work can be submitted via a claim with receipt to update the value of your fox, if the artist has an account here they can submit the piece for a crystal reward! any other questions please dm me <3

2024-06-24 14:42:04

ST4R_CL0WN Avatar

How do I add an image to a characters gallery?

2023-10-30 14:20:12

gem_x_ Avatar


2023-06-24 09:24:05 (Edited 2023-11-21 22:57:02)

Dragon-Eternal Avatar
Dragon-Eternal Staff Member

Go to the bottom of the page here and tap the about section!

2023-07-13 15:23:49

Jarvis Avatar

Question, is it possible to give your scarfox different clothing pieces n such to wear?

2023-02-17 08:15:53

Dragon-Eternal Avatar
Dragon-Eternal Staff Member

Yes accessories and outfits are fine so long as it doesnt get mistaken as an existing trait of the species, if you're not sure it's different enough, please join our Discord and send a progress shot following the rules of the channel in myo design feedback! Apologies for the late reply!

2023-07-13 15:26:08

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