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Created: 29 December 2020, 19:35:39 CST
Last updated: 18 January 2024, 00:09:39 CST

Disclaimer: By utilizing any part of the scarfox species (be it joining, interacting within the community, purchasing items or products, or anything officially scarfox that isn't listed), you agree to our T.O.S. provided below for your convenience. The species is not liable for the user's option to not read the provided information below. Future changes may be applied with an updated notification posted on the official scarfox site, it is the user's responsibility to keep up to date on news posts held on the official site. Failure to abide by the terms of service provided can result and is not limited to what is listed in the warnings and ban section. If you have any questions please contact the group via a note, TH, or send a message on the official site to the administrator. Please refresh yourself with this information as needed if you or someone else is unsure of official information provided by the species.

Important Scarfox Site Link





(Auction, Flatsales, OTA, Charity, Custom, MYOs)


All payments will be made in USD unless stated otherwise and must be made via Paypal. It must be an invoice sent by the hosting artist. 

During a sale, a bidder is not allowed to hide, edit or remove their comments. If you have made a mistake, please notify the Administrative Artist hosting the sale to remove it for you. If you are caught hiding your comment with the means of withdrawing your bid without notifying the host you will receive a warning. If such occurrences persist on 3 separate occasions, you will no longer be allowed to participate in sales.

All Scarfox events (Auctions, Flatsales, Resales, Trades, Etc) will only be made and organized through the Scarfox site. Scarfoxes that are being sold/traded/swapped on others sites or media are not considered official and we urge all members and non-members to take caution. Please ask that you ask the hosting artist to confirm that their sale is valid or any person that is selling a fox or checking the Masterlist to avoid any future scams.

Back-charging will result in an automatic ban.

All sales that require purchase with real currency will require that the buyer is of legal age (18+) to own a personal Paypal.

The price of all Official Scarfox designs will never exceed $500 unless there is an OTA event or Charity.

You must have an active social media account that is SIX MONTHS or older to participate. 

Please follow the MYO (Make your Own) Guidelines located here: MYO and Item Purchasing Information

Scarfoxes are a Closed Species. You may not make your own without explicit permission or without an MYO Slot (Make your own) given by the Creator or Authorized Mod. The design will be considered unofficial and will not be allowed in the group or be allowed to participate in group activities.

Scarfoxes that are won through a free Raffle are bound to the owner for SIX MONTHS. The owner must wait those SIX MONTHS before trading the Scarfox to someone else. 


Payment Plans

Payment plans must be completed within a MONTH. You are responsible for asking ahead of time the host artist for a payment plan and setting up a payment schedule with them. 

You are only allowed to be committed to 1 payment plan at a time. You must complete a previous payment plan if you wish to participate in a new one. 

We will make NO exceptions to these rules:

  1. We can offer a payment plan option on all sales exceeding $200 unless stated otherwise.

  2. Please make sure you are not bidding more than what you can pay within the allowed time frame.

  3. Payment plans must be completed within a month unless stated otherwise.

  4. A minimum down payment of $100, must be provided within 24h from the auction ending.

  5. Do not send any direct payments, invoices will be sent out.

  6. You are only allowed to be committed to 1 payment plan at a time. You must complete a previous payment plan if you wish to participate in a new one.


If you are unable to complete a payment plan for any reason:

  1. You will be refunded, however, 20% of the amount you currently paid will be deducted from your refund to cover fees and damages.

  2. You will receive a strike (3rd strike results in a ban), and won't be allowed to commit to a payment plan for the next 6 months and participate in any auctions for the next 3 months. 


Custom Procedures

If you have received a custom slot you will be required to fill out an order form which will be provided to you by the individual artist.

Progress work on a Custom will only begin when the full payment has been received. This includes any trades with the hosting artist. 

The prices for Customs are not the same for all Official Artists that are permitted to create customs. No customs must exceed $500 unless the client requests for more traits added to the custom unless they are paying for those traits. If the price of a custom is quoted to exceed over $500. Please notify a mod.

You may NOT sell a custom/slot that has not been completed yet. If you have purchased or are waiting for a custom that is yet to be completed by either Administrative artist you must wait for the design to be completed before selling or trading it. Please be aware that there is a cooldown period. Visit the "Selling and Trading" section for that information.

We reserve the right to Refuse and or Cancel your Custom for any reason at any time if we are met with an unfavorable, uncomfortable, or pressuring situation. Rejected, Refused, or Canceled customs that were paid for will be refunded. Customs for trades will not be compensated in any way and your end of the trade will be returned to you.

Customs may not exceed a max of 4 traits but the client can add more as long as they have the available Potions to do so and the artist is ok with accepting that. 



Back-Charging an Administrative Artist or another member will result in that specific character being unlisted or void as the owner on the official scarfox Masterlist. You are not allowed to keep a character you didn't pay for. A character originating from an auction or sale will be resold accordingly. If you Back-charge or scam a member in any way the character will be returned to them at no compensation to the scammer.

This is the ONLY event in which we will unlist or void a character. If you are banned for alternate reasons you are still allowed to keep, trade, or resell your fox, however, you will be unable to come into ownership of a new scarfox.


Purchasing Anything Scarfox Related

By purchasing an MYO you agree to the following Terms of Service:
  1. MYOs are soulbound and can NOT be traded at all.

  2. Once an MYO is approved to be a scarfox, you must wait 1 MONTH  from their approval day before they can be sold or traded.

  3. If you are found selling or trading your MYO you will get a warning unless it continues then you will be given a strike. 3 strikes will result in a temporary ban from the community for 6 months. After returning, if you persist it will end in a permanent ban.

  4. To pay the price listed on the day of purchase.

  5. Acknowledge that the MYO prices could change in the future and that you will NOT be refunded due to inflation in price changes.

  6. All purchases are NONREFUNDABLE.


By purchasing any Potions or Items you agree to the following Terms of Service:
  1. To pay the price listed on the day of purchase.

  2. Acknowledge that the prices could change in the future and that you will NOT be refunded due to price changes.

  3. All purchases are NONREFUNDABLE.


By entering an MYO raffle or any future contest or event, you agree to the following Terms of Service: 
  1. MYOs are soulbound and can NOT be traded at all.

  2. That you must pay within 24 hours or your slot will be rerolled and you will not be able to enter the next 2 months' raffles.

  3. Any Scarfoxes received from any raffles, DTAs/DTEs, contest, or event, will have a SIX MONTH trading cooldown.

  4. That raffles are NOT FREE unless stated otherwise.

  5. Once an MYO is approved to be a scarfox, you must wait 1 MONTH from their approval day before they can be sold or traded.

  6. If you are found selling or trading your MYO you will get a warning unless it continues then you will be given a strike. 3 strikes will result in a temporary ban from the community for SIX MONTHS. After returning, if you persist it will end in a permanent ban.

  7. To pay the price listed on the day of purchase.

  8. Acknowledge that the MYO prices could change in the future and that you will NOT be refunded due to a price change in price.

  9. All purchases are NONREFUNDABLE.


Regarding Official Scarfox sales, you agree to the Terms of Service

Auctions and Flatsales
  1. That you must pay within 24 hours or your bid will be voided and the last bidder will be contacted and you will not be able to enter next month's auction.

  2. Once the scarfox payment is approved you must wait 1 MONTH  from their approval day before they can be sold or traded.

  3. If you are found selling or trading your Scarfox before their cooldown is over you will get a warning unless it continues then you will be given a strike. 3 strikes will result in a ban from the community.

  4. Acknowledge that the AB is $500 and no more and any amount over the AB price will be ignored.

  5. Make sure to contact the artist if you need a payment plan before placing an AB.

  6. Any begging or harassment on trying to offer higher than the AB price will result in being banned from auctions.

  7. All purchases are NONREFUNDABLE.


Resales and Trades
  1. If you are found selling or trading your Scarfox before their cooldown is over you will get a warning unless it continues then you will be given a strike. 3 strikes will result in a temporary ban from the community for 6 months. After returning, if you persist it will end in a permanent ban.

  2. You can not sell a scarfox for more than it's worth's stated on the Official Website. If you are found doing so you will get a warning or strike depending on if you have a strike already or not.

  3. You must go through the Official Scarfox Realm Website to transfer your fox.

  4. You can't trade your fox for another fox worth more than your fox unless both parties agree.

  5. If your fox is worth more than stated on the site you must submit claims with proof of purchases that increase its worth.

  6. If you are found trading or selling your Scarfox before they are off cooldown on secondary sites (Toyhouse.se, DeviantArt, etc) you will get a warning, followed by a strike if it continues. 3 strikes will result in a temporary ban from the community for SIX MONTHS. After returning if you persist it will end in a permanent ban.


Disclaimer: Copyright characters from video games, movies, shows, cartoons, etc are not allowed in any Scarfox designs. You may have inspiration but not a direct version of said character. It is open to design moderators' digression to decide if the character is too easily identifiable to the copyrighted character. 

Free Design Update

You may give your purchased adoptable/ design personality, history, and name and make MINOR changes to the design. All Design changes MUST be approved by Darci or the MYO team.

Alterations must remain insignificant enough to where the original design is still recognizable. The main concept and traits of the original design MUST still be present. You may use colors within a similar shade, you may change up to two accent colors for another, and the pattern can be simplified but not extremely changed out. 

If you want to fully redesign/overhaul a Scarfox, you would need to obtain a Synthetic Dye potion. See the description here for information on the potions: Synthetic Dye

You may swap other traits within the same category or lower. If you want higher traits you must purchase a Potion.

You must have more than 2 colors. White, Black, Grey, and Brown are considered values and therefore do not count as colors. 


Updating Design

Any redesign approvals must be updated on the Masterlist through design update. Must have all traits listed and all potions used. MUST have a transparent background, NO reference sheet. Please submit all reference sheets to the Crystal Gallery after they are approved. 

If an admin or a moderator comes to you regarding changing your design after approval, you MUST make the changes as this can lead to confusion within the Community. If you disagree to make the changes, you will give a strike for failing to follow T.O.S. and your Scarfox will be hidden from the Masterlist until the changes have been made.

To use a Synthetic Dye, a Scarfox needs to be at least 6 months old. Each Synthetic Potion use requires a Six Month cooldown before another is applied. You are responsible for checking the Change Logs on the last time the Potion was used. 


Co-Ownership Information

Co-owning is allowed but the primary owner is the only one allowed to determine sale/trade/change of ownership. 

If two owners split the payment then the secondary owner is allowed to resell their portion of value to another but only for that amount (i.e. Scarfox is worth $400 but they only paid $200, then you can only resell your side for $200). Consent must be given by both owners.

Only the Primary owner is allowed to Soulbind the Scarfox as long the secondary owner provides agreeance through proof. An admin or a moderator MUST be available and make a record of the Soulbind. Primary and Secondary owners are allowed to switch between the ownership just not anyone else. 


 The definition of an Offbrander is someone who creates designs based on pre-existing CS and sells them for profit and/or personal intent. Offbranders will also go against Rules/TOS in creating and selling "Offbrand" designs knowing the consequences.

 The definition of an Unknowing bystander is someone who is unaware of the existence of the Scarfox CS and finds it through google images, Pinterest, or any other media where CS has little prevalence. "Offbrand" Scarfoxes created by sheer interest is created by an Unknowing Bystander and are not considered an Offbrander.

 The difference between an Offbrander and Unknowing Bystanders is awareness and intent.

  1. Scarfoxes are not responsible for all second-hand transactions (sales, trades, swaps) with Offbranders or Unknowing Bystanders. We encourage everyone to check the Scarfox Masterlist for the status of a Scarfox in Question

  2. Unofficial Scarfoxes can be made official with the purchase of an MYO slot and approval by the Staff. Approvals are case by case to prevent Offbranders from entering the community and yet giving chances to Unknown Bystanders.

  3. If a Scarfox Community Member has an Offbrand and an Official Scarfox, please refrain from showing any part of your Offbrand within the species group and discord including in art events.

  4. Scarfox members (including Mods), please refrain from interacting with Offbranders if you spot them selling or making designs. This is to prevent any complications with the Offbrand community. If you're seen attacking an Offbrander or causing a problem you will receive a warning and if it persists you will receive a strike. We do not want another repeat of what recently happened. Any harassment will be punished. If you are approached you have the right to block.



When selling, the asking price may NOT exceed the total resale price of Scarfox’s Masterlist Value. The prices of each Scarfox are listed in their Masterlist entry for record purposes and to prevent scalping and scamming. Please send in a claim with all proof of receipt for commission value to be updated on the Masterlist. 

You MAY sell a Scarfox you received in a Trade, however, you must still abide by the previous rule which states the sale price may not exceed the Scarfoxe’s original price.

When exchanging a Scarfox for merchandise, the above rules still stand. You may only ask for items that are less than or equal to the amount you paid for your Scarfox. Please be considerate and refrain from asking for excessive amounts of items that are not the same value as the purchased design.

Completed commissioned content may be added to the Original Value of the Scarfox. To do this, you must provide proof of all commissioned item’s receipts to be added. Any items without proof will not be accepted and will not be added. Personal artwork, art received from DTAs/DTRs, art trades or gifts will NOT be added to the overall value.

If you are having issues that include but are not limited to: being solicited, bullied, harassed, or pressured about selling or trading your design please send a note to the group. We do not approve of any form of harassment. This also includes auctions, flatsales, raffles, etc. 

Referring back to the previous term: Do not harass, whine or beg, solicit others for a Scarfox that is not for sale or trade! If you are reported to any Admin about this you will receive a warning. If this persists more than 3 times you will be temporarily banned from any future Scarfox-related content and if it continues after the 6 months, you will be permanently banned. Do not beg the admins for a scarfox!

All exchanges with others are considered final and you are not allowed to change your mind after accepting an offer. Trades with anyone from the administrative team be completed by the member or person before the Admin can work on their trade. Please take deep consideration when Selling or Trading your Scarfox! (However, if a Sale or Trade violates any of the T.O.S. it will be voided and all characters will be returned to their original owners. If the situation pertains to it, the party/individual at fault will be given a strike, not a warning.)

Do not transfer your scarfox on other platforms such as Instagram, Toyhou.se, Facebook, etc, BEFORE sending in a transfer request. The Staff does have different social media and if found doing such a thing, parties will end up getting a strike. 

All loopholes to trade MYOs will be accounted for now as a strike. Loopholing the rules is not allowed, due to this constant issue we are now watching out for loopholes in our rules, especially our trade rules. 


Trading Cooldown

Any Scarfox obtained secondhand or from official auctions, FTOs, MYOs and Customs will now have 1 MONTH COOLDOWN. This rule has been adjusted to tone down designs being used as trade fodder, scalping, and potential scamming. 

Now that a Scarfox has to potential to be sold for more than the original price, this adjustment was necessary. Please consider this cooldown when purchasing/trading a Scarfox! Understand this is to keep the sales and auctions fair and safe for everyone! Each trading cooldown will be listed on the Masterlist and will show when they can be transferred.

Under no circumstance should you accept, talk about, or offer on a Scarfox who is currently cooldown. If someone offers on your Scarfox and it’s on cooldown, please report it. 

Scarfoxes won through a free Raffle (including DTE/DTAs) must wait on a cooldown of SIX MONTHS.

Scarfoxes who are gifted to another member must wait on a cooldown of TWO MONTHS



Soulbind can ONLY be done when a Scarfox has been with an owner for at least 6 MONTHS. 

The owner must submit a claim requesting their Scarfoxes to be Soulbound on the Masterlist. Make sure when submitting that you place the Scarfox Code on the claim so we can proceed to Soulbind the correct Scarfox. 

Please remember that once a Scarfox is Soulbound it cannot be undone. However, if there are issues with Strikes or Mental Health you can message the Admin to request unsoulbind. This will break all of your Soulbound Scarfoxes but you will never be able to Soulbind again once this is done.

You may gift Soulbound Scarfoxes but the Soulbind may not be broken when gifted. This action must be sent through a claim and be properly processed by an Admin or a Moderator. Please remember if found doing this without any approval from the admin team, you will receive an automatic strike. 

Once Soulbound, the Scarfox will lose all it's monetary value. 

If a user were to pass away, their Scarfoxes will permanently bound to their account. 


Voucher Trades

Please refrain from accepting or setting up Voucher trades as we are currently working on better rules for the Community. If found trading for Vouchers you will be given a warning and following strikes if the situation persists. 


Every single owner is REQUIRED to update the Masterlist after any transaction.

The only person authorized to Trade or Sell a certain Scarfox is the owner listed on the Scarfoxes Masterlist entry. There is no leeway for this rule. Do not put up journals or posts selling your friend's Scarfoxes and whatnot, as long as you have screenshot proof you are not allowed to do so. 

Steps to updating a Masterlist entry:

  • When transferring a Scarfox on the website please provide proof of the conversation in the transfer window.

  • When updating the value, please send in a claim with provided receipt proof. It must be other commissioned art. You cannot submit personal, art trades, DTAs/DTEs, gifts, etc., to add to the value.

  • Please use the design update in case of adding a trait, redesigning, or genera update on Scarfox. Do not use a reference sheet, try to have minimal clothing for the Scarfox on the Masterlist, 60% of the body markings must be showing, and have a fullbody cleaned up reference of the Scarfox in transparent and make sure that it’s zoomed into the face at least shoulder length. 

 Failure to comply with the rules:

Please understand these rules are to protect our community and future members. We do hope the rules above are taken seriously so no individuals have to experience the consequences below. We do understand that species, such as Scarfoxes, are dealt with under the table and rules like this are to avoid those behaviors and to protect our members.

  • If a journal containing an Official Scarfox is put up and you are not the listed owner, you get an automatic warning by the Masterlist account saying that they do not have the authorization to sell that fox and that whoever bought/traded the Scarfox will not be recognized as the owner.

  • Failure to comply more than 3 times will result in a ban. Do not attempt to sell or trade someone else Scarfox for any reason.


Darci maintains all Intellectual Rights to the Scarfox Species. You are not allowed to create, sell or provide Scarfox Content without her permission.

When purchasing, you are only purchasing labor and content. The customer does not receive rights to the species itself. Only towards that specific character.

Whenever using official artwork anywhere, please credit and provide a link to the proper Administrative Artist!

Any attempts to create, sell or provide non-official content to the public without being approved will result in being banned.

The Closed species, website, and community are for ages 16 and up. Any NSFW or 18+ content is strictly prohibited on any Scarfox species platform.

You understand that you only have Partial Rights to a design. Darci (or applicable artists) still retain copyright over their work. Such things may not be limited to the right to distribute, reproduce or use images for self-promotion. Rights to intellectual property will be maintained, however, a specific design will not be resold or used for personal or commercial projects.

You may NOT use Scarfox for commercial projects that will result in a personal profit. This includes, but is not limited to Books, Comics, TV shows, youtube/vtuber models, video and streaming/ streaming services, and games. You are not allowed to make a profit from owning a design in any way, shape, or form.

By purchasing a design you agree to the administrative artist’s T.O.S. provided on sale posts or invoices. 

The team will no longer be responsible for handling reports about character similarities. Please refrain from writing a report about these occurrences as the best advice we can offer is to pay no heed to them. However, If you have concerns about someone tracing or stealing a pre-existing design in any way, shape, or form please message the group. We take theft seriously.


To make the community a fun and safe space for everyone, please follow our Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct includes behavior in mediums where Scarfoxes are (Deviantart, Website, Discord, TH) and aren't (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

  • Do not harass, stalk, or dox anyone.
    • If someone is harassing you or making you feel uncomfortable you are welcome to report it privately to the mods. This includes DMs or the groups. Three strikes will be given if a warning is not taken seriously and if the issue persists.

  • Do not use transphobic, sexist, racist, bigoted, or any words, terms, conversations, attitudes, etc.
    • The Scarfox community is LGBTQ+ friendly and we do not approve of political or religious talks within the group. Scarfoxes have their own Patheon within their story and you are welcome to not approve of it or join in conversation referring to it.

  • No rude, hateful language directed any anyone
    • This includes direct or indirect to any member, moderator, admin, or the owner. We try our best to diminish toxicity in our community and we will NOT tolerate any misbehaviors toward anyone in the community.

  • Please be mindful of spoilers, trigger warnings, etc.
    • Please respect that people have fears of certain things and we would like the community to be aware to avoid discomfort among our members. If you feel that there is something that might trigger someone please put a spoiler over it to avoid said fears or triggers.

  • Please do not BLOCK anyone from the Administrative team
    • The Administrative team is here to help the community, blocking us will make it difficult for members no longer on the site to update the Masterlist or any other content within the site in case a Scarfox needs to be updated. I.E. Commission value or ownership transfer outside of the site.

  • If you have an opinionated comment that may cause discrepancies with the server or the group please submit it to the suggestion form located here: Suggestion Form


Warnings & Bans

We want an enjoyable community for everyone and do not wish to blacklist anyone. Please understand that the warnings and ban are to protect our community members and administrators. Thus we reserve the right to do the following and by owning or purchasing a Scarfox in the future and you agree to all possible consequences or confiscations if the ToS is Violated. Each situation is handled on a case-by-case basis backed up by proof and evidence.

Any violation against our TOS + Code of Conduct on any media (our website, discord, DeviantArt, Instagram, Twitter, etc) will subject you to warnings or bans.

    1. If a user has been banned or under warning, PLEASE do not harass them, contact them, attempt to stir up trouble, or be rude to them in any way. A banned or warned user is the result of a situation admins have already taken care of. There is no need to personally involve yourself in any way. Users who are reported or caught "adding fuel to the fire" will receive a warning. If repeated harassment is continued said User will result in being banned as well.

  • Banning will work on a warning plus 3 strike system. 
  • You will receive a warning from an admin or moderator to stop any behavior or actions that violate the terms of service and rules. Repeated actions such as public/private harassment of any kind will result in being temporarily banned, if issues persist a permanent ban will be issued.

The following are examples of what actions will result in receiving a Warning ( Note on Deviant Art):

  • Soliciting members for their characters that are not up for trade or sale.

  • Soliciting members publicly requesting them to purchase things for you.

  • Tracing existing artwork. This includes stealing an existing design. (If this is done more than once, you will be automatically banned)

  • Creating a Scarfox (without an MYO) and attempting to pass it off as an official design.

  • Attempting to proxy content specifically meant for FTO which includes creating new accounts to purchase FTO Designs or participate in future FTO Raffles, DTAs/DTEs, or FTO Events. (If this is done more than once, you will be automatically banned).


NSFW Content

This is a PG -16 group, meaning that there should NOT be NSFW content shared within the site, DeviantArt group, Furaffinity, etc. If you have NSFW content please keep it away from peering eyes. Toyhou.se can hide your art. If you are caught sharing NSFW content within the group or towards a younger age member, it will be a permanent ban and you will be blacklisted. If an underage member is seeking out NSFW content you will also be banned from the community as well as a blacklist. Our blacklist from now on will be made public to make sure that others are being warned about your behavior. 

Please do not be afraid to reach out to a mod if someone is making you uncomfortable regarding this type of content. We are here to make it safe for our members to enjoy their characters. We do not support this type of content within our species and we will crack down if something is to be reported from anyone. 


Scarfoxes and its staff are creating an initiative to combat issues in the Closed Species communities that affect mental health and therefore the Staff are open and aware of mental health. We understand that there is only so much that we can do to help, but below our points will be resources that anyone can access if they feel they need help.

  1. If you feel that the group or a staff member or any event within the group is affecting your mental health, please note the group so we can help you and can provide help.

  2. If you feel that a member of the community or the community itself is affecting your mental health, please note the group with your story so we can help you

  3. If you feel that a possible spending addiction is development or dependencies with the group please feel free to note the group or contact one of the many sources below:
    • SAMHSA National Helpline: 1-800-662-4357 This hotline can refer you and give you information for you to get help. This hotline is also for mental health support as well.

    • Debtor's Anonymous ( https://debtorsanonymous.org/ ): this service is free and you can find groups that are online to help you if you don't have access to transportation or if you are simply too shy.

    • Mental Health Apps: If you have access to a smartphone, there are free apps that help support and alleviate those who are hurting mentally. Some are chatrooms while others can link you with professionals to help you in a moment of crisis or hurt.



  2. If there is a character that doesn't belong to you or if there is more than one character, please make sure that you link your Scarfox's Masterlist when submitting to the Crystal Gallery.

  3. Don't submit art or literature that isn't Scarfox related, there should be at least one Scarfox within the art piece for it to count as a Scarfox artwork or written piece. 

  4. Prompt and Event art can be submitted to the Crystal Count gallery to receive Crystal currency for that piece. 

  5. If you plan to use x2 Ticket for an event or prompt piece, submit a claim with a link to the artwork you want the x2 Ticket to be applied to.  
    • Please check the information here: x2 Ticket
  1. If you purchase a commission you cannot submit that piece, only the artist of the commission can submit the piece for Crystal count. This is to prevent duplicated submission meaning commissioned work will not count for the commissioner but the commissioned artist only.


By using our service, the Scarfox-Realm website, you agree to the storage of data such as public IP, cookies, and other identifying information to enhance user experience and site performance. Per GDPR, users residing within the European Economic Community may request deletion of all user-related data or request a "package" including all currently stored data. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

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