Synthetic Dye Potion

Category: Potions

"Changes come to everyone in this Realm and so you shall be changed for better or. . . for worse."



Synthetic Dye is a potion that allows a Scarfox design to be completely overhauled. Meaning that you can take a Scarfox original design and completely rework the colors, patterns, and traits.  


  • Traits cannot be higher than the original MYO slot, custom, or auction sale. They can be lower or within the same category.

  • Traits applied through potions are allowed to be kept. The above rule applies to this as well.  

  • Scarfoxes who are less than 6 months old cannot have Synthetic Dye applied to them.  

  • Once a Synthetic Dye is applied, the Scarfox will have to wait another 6 months to have it be reapplied again.  

  • Due to respecting artist’s T.O.S., you will not be allowed to Overhaul a Scarfox if the artist’s T.O.S. states that designs cannot be changed/redesigned.  

  • In order to revert the Scarfox back to the original design, you must repurchase/obtain another Synthetic Dye potion. The 6 months rule still applies when reverting back to the original.  

  • Design must be approved through an MYO moderator or the Administrators.

  • The new design must be approved before being submitted through the Design Update on the site with proof of approval attached through a screenshot or link.

  • You can apply traits with potions or remove traits. If removing traits, you will not be compensated for trait removal.  
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