They are considered magical living dolls that are fully aware, sentient and identify with different personalities and interest, just like humans. They are extremely flexible and do not have bones. Scarf arms are attached to the body and cannot be removed. Their general height range is between four to eight feet tall. These creatures are empowered with magic and use these gifts to interact with their environment and each other. One features that distinguishes scarfoxes like any other creature is that instead of blood, they have a special mist in their bodies. Like a human, when hurt mist will leak out. When this happens, they fix themselves or get help. It is said there are some scarfox that have no mist in their bodies called Hollows. They are currently a mystery. Lastly, it is said that scarfox are people given another chance at life and thus are reborn. 

Yste's Souls

"You must stay within the light of the moon unless you wish for Corrupted Mist to change you entirely. We don't know why these souls seek shelter within our bodies but as long as we have souls within us we should be fine, right?.... righ-----"



This is an unknown species of Soul that was born thousands of years ago when the Scarfox God Yste decided to massacre an entire thread of a small Scarfox village. These souls are known for changing a Scarfox to a wretched unstable. Mystics have originally tried facing this Soul corrupted by Mist by going against them but in turn, they change to that of an Unstable Scarfox and are looked down upon by even those close to them. Hollows have even tried to come against them but oddly enough became Unstable as well. 


  • Corrupted Wisp (UNSTABLE)
    • Corrupted Wisps are the only Unstable trait obtained through Yste's Souls. When obtained you can apply Yste's Souls as a Wisp to your Unstable Scarfox designs. The only way to have them show up is to turn either a Mystic or a Hollow into an Unstable during the Orb of Night Festival. 
How to Obtain:
  • Orb of Night Festival (2021)
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