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[PROMPT] Self Care

Ends: 31 December 2024, 23:59:59 CST (6 months from now)

Cups of tea or coffee, relaxing music, a soft breeze through the room, and a bean bag chair to sink into, its time to vibe and care for yourself <3




"...It‘s that time, can you believe it? Have you taken a good nap? Drawn a good picture? Or even read a nice book while listening to soft rain sounds on loop~"

For this prompt, its time to take care of yourself! Yep that’s it. Anything your fox enjoys doing that helps them feel a little, or even a lot better from day to day basis it’s time to advantage of it. simple things, grandiose things, anything; That helps them enjoy the day creating memories whether it’s mayhem, fun, serenity, or just joy overall. Life is passing by way too quickly even for scarfoxes to not just show some love to themselves.

so your job is to create simple fun memories by participating in karaoke, hanging with loved ones, Etc. Just anything that is essential in their recipe for self-care as long as it makes them feel rejuvenated and better and gives them a nice reset or another words you can say battery charge it can be utilized in this prompt! 


  • Below are some example ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:
  • this prompt is fairly free form to your imagination, but you need to include your fox participating in positive activities.
  • You may only earn one badge from each of these prompts for their duration of the year!  

    • your fox having a pleasant day taking a walk in a forest, or by water.
    • your fox dancing with themselves to loud silly music to get energy out!
    • last but not least potentially face masks while drink a warm drink.

  • Fullbody, Colored, with Background
  • Literature minimum amount of 1K words 
  • Please be aware that you must depict your fox experiencing some sort of positive activity
  • must be either your own fox(es) or a NPC that can be used for this prompt. 



Participants will receive a Self Care badge, Chronicle Pages, and 150 crystals!



Reward Amount
Self Care Badge 1
Chronicle Pages 20
Crystals 150

Stat & Level Rewards

No user rewards.
No character rewards.

[PROMPT] Pass It Along

Ends: 31 December 2024, 23:59:59 CST (6 months from now)

It’s time to open your heart, to be kind and to expect nothing in return, and appreciate the small things in life~




 Ever been put in a situation when you’re down on your luck? Where you don’t have as much as you need for a given situation, where you've been in need of someone, but instead had been short on friends when you needed them? Sometimes its nice to remember to give and not expect anything in return. To be kind to those you don’t know and not expect anything out of it but just to be happy with the idea of putting more good into the world!

For this prompt you’ll be required to simply surprise someone with a drawing of their fox. The idea is to participate and be a gift that keeps on giving! Try to do your best with a sprinkle of tlc in there, it could make someones day or month or even year! 
you’ll  never know when you’ll need it, and never knowing when you'll get something back, so if you have the time we hope you participate to make someones day a bit better!


  • Below are some optional ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:
    • draw a fox!
    • write about a story that the character could embark on, ideas are open for interpretation and can coincide with other prompts that are going on in the current month if one wishes
  • Fullbody, Flatcolored, simple background 
  • Literature minimum amount of 500 words 
  • You are NOT allowed to draw your own fox, a friend’s fox, take requests, or NPCs for this prompt.
  • The idea is to grab random number generated (RNG) foxes and surprise an individual with a gift, sort of like a year long secret santa deal! 
  • you must check to see the fox that your drawling has permissions on to allow gift art or gift writing in order to receive the reward for this prompt.



Participants will receive the Pass It Along Badge and 150 crystals per entry, you can enter up to five total times for a total earning of 750 crystals per month


  • You can participate in this prompt up to five times a month. Afterwards if you continue you will no longer receive rewards.
  • You may only earn one badge from each of these prompts for their duration of the year!  
  • to claim your extra entries rewards, please submit a claim with the link to your entry letting us know which # it is! ex. "pass it along entry #2" noted in the descriptior 
  • This will refresh every month on the first of the month, if you reroll the same fox you've drawn before we recommend to roll once more until you hit a fox you havent drawn yet for this prompt! 



Reward Amount
Pass It Along Badge 1
Crystals 150

Stat & Level Rewards

No user rewards.
No character rewards.

Steepy Migration

Ends: 30 June 2024, 23:59:59 CDT (6 days from now)

Baby Steepies are on the move to the Big Pool, what will you do to help them get there?




The pools of the Sky World are roaring with the small waterfalls that refill them daily with fresh water. The hot rocks among these pools have been collecting in the corners alongside the edge, leaving the perfect space for Steeposaures to leave their eggs to hatch along the hot stones.

Within several days, these little ones hatch from their eggs and float atop the hot spring they were born from. Some can get lost as they are migrating to the larger pool. Scarfoxes have been called to assist with their migration this year as most Steepies have fallen to the lower realm in the last few years and the packs have diminished. Baby Steepies can be carried in little floatable pools of water as their bodies take several days to form properly.

Please help us, we need all hands on deck for this wonderful moment!










  • Below are some ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:
    • How does your Scarfox lead the babies to the center pool?
    • What sort of items do they use?
    • Do they carry them over?
    • How would they safely prevent the Steepies from falling over the edge of the realm?






Below we have a reference sheet of what baby Steepies look like :


(note: the adult is drawn with the steam off for reference needs, adult steeposaurus's need to be drawn with their steam active in your prompt submissions)

  • Baby Steepies float atop the water's surface and use their small tail to slam against it to help them move. 
  • Steepies only last being babies until they reach the Big Pool, allowing them to change to adults. 
  • They are a bit thicker and stout than slender as babies.
  • They have no sense of direction when they are a little. 
  • They do not produce steam or vapor when they are babies. 
  • Check out their pet page to learn a little more! 




  • The minimum requirement is a colored halfbody with a background, shading is optional.
  • The literature part of the event will be a minimum of 1k words 
  • At least ONE baby Steepy must be included in the prompt image.
  • Your fox must be placed in the listed biome location.
  • Your entry must depict the prompts listed activity (in this case, your fox helping the Steepy migration)
  • The background must look like the listed biome in some way or form



Participants will receive x2 Spring Eggs, x1 Steeposaurus, and 150 crystals

67-image.png  32-image.png1-image.png 

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this prompt, please message a staff member on site or ask in our discord server questions channel! 


Reward Amount
Spring Egg 2
Steeposaurus 1
Crystals 150

Stat & Level Rewards

No user rewards.
No character rewards.
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