Crystals (C)

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Held by: Users
“Mined from the deepest and most expansive caves, these crystals are held dear by the scarfox, Malifore. They are used as currency and to be exchanged for the wares gathered by the scarfox over the years.”



Crystal shards are rewarded for any form of art, literature, or real-life items made and can be exchanged for many different items when available

Crystal Shard Stacking

If you draw art with your scarfox with another users scarfox, you will also get the equivalent amount based on size that fox is drawn. (I.E: If you draw your fox as a full body and your friend's scarfox as a half-body, you will only receive the amount of a full body and half body based on what type of artwork is drawn).

  • Artwork that was made before the updated counts (8/31/19) must use this count sheet - old artwork do not receive the new counts. Any artwork you did for someone else will only equal 1 crystal.
OLD Crystal Shard Stacking
  • If any artwork isn't made by you (meaning giftart, commissions, etc) it will be worth 1 crystal shard. It doesn't matter if its colored fullbody or just a sketch, if you didn't make it then its only worth 1.
  • For literature: 100 words = 5 crystal shard
  • If you draw a scarfox that doesn't belong to you (commission, giftart, etc) you will earn the equivalent of that based on the type of artwork it is. Even if you are a non-owner, you can still earn a crystal count
  • For YSH/YCH: For the first example, an artist will receive the full amount. After that, each YSH/YCH is only awarded 5 Crystal shards. (I.E: 3 YCH are done, you'll receive x amount based on size + 10 crystals for the other two).
  • When Ownership changes of a scarfox: When ownership of a scarfox happens (either through resale/trade/swap) the crystal count is reset to 1 crystal per piece UNLESS you have contributed artwork to that scarfox where the guidelines above will apply. Crystal counts DO NOT transfer over. (I.E: If scarfox has five pieces of work, totaling to 60 crystals total and none of them were done by you with the former owner, that crystal count will be 5 instead). Artists will still hold onto the same amount of crystals regardless of transfer as they still did the artwork.
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