Mini (Scarfox Subtype)

Chameleon (Scarfox Subtype)

"All-mother said I could be anything and so I made a potion that could change my colors... limited but still works!"


  • 1 potion can gain 1 alternate color pallet, and each Scarfox can have a limit of 3 pallets max.
    • In order to obtain all three alternate palettes, you must obtain the potion three times.
      • i.e. I purchased the potion for the very first time on my Scarfox Cassiel, I will only obtain one alternate palette. If I obtain the potion a second time I will have two alternate palettes.
  • They can be any colors.

  • Cannot be pure black or pure white, must have some color in the design. 

  • You MAY use these alternate colors in future events or prompts.

  • You CANNOT change the patterns of the Scarfox.  

  • You cannot have more than 3 alternate palettes on one Scarfox.

  • Alternate palette stay with the scarfox if traded, cannot be changed unless a new potion is purchased by the new owner.  

  • New owner must pick which alternate palette they want changed with the new potion and apply it through design update. Alternate palette must be placed in the Scarfox gallery on the masterlist.  

  • Black, White, Grey, and Brown are considered to be values and therefore do not count as color. That is your choice on whether you want to change said values on your Scarfox. 

  • You must change the whole of the body. This includes Body, Head, Arms, Legs, and Tail(s).
    • This includes Floating Limbs and Extra Limbs. 

  • You are allowed to keep colors from the main alt on body parts such as fingers, the inside of the ears, ear studs, and teeth.
    • This also includes Floating Limbs and Extra Limbs.
    • You are welcome to change them if you wish to do so.

  • If the Scarfox has accessories, Rune + Wisp, Claws +Paws, and Growth traits you are welcome to keep the same color or change them from the main alt.  

  • Void eye must remain black as that is how the Hollow Trait works. 

  • Minor markings or small markings can be changed or kept the same from the main alt. 


Any updates to palettes must be run through by a Moderator or Administrator




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