Body Zippers (Unstable)

Category: Body/Misc
Species: Scarfox


This trait allows parts of a fox's body to be partially made up of zippers! These zippers can be real-life zippers like the one on your jacket, or made-up ones that look really funky in shapes and sizes! These zippers can replace important seam areas on a fox, and when mixed with certain traits can act as attachable and detachable limbs. 



  • Why is this trait unstable?
    • The idea of Body Zippers (zippers in general) has been in discussion for some time with staffing due to its nature of function, and how that can contrast with the species base function and lore. In accordance with unreleased pending lore, this trait is best suited for Unstable. 

  • Why not have it as VR Functional Item?
    • Functional Item covers a large number of effects on the body, but zippers on their own give way to a fox being able to open and close parts of their body, which can deplete a fox of mist without many if any ways to replace it if made a standard trait. Alongside unreleased lore for the species, and functional items existing before we started deciding what makes an unstable trait unstable, staffing decided Body Zippers are best suited being both separate from Functional Item and for Unstable rarity.
    • Members, however, are fine to have zippers on clothing add-ons with any rarity of fox for ML entries, such as on shoes, jackets, etc!


 This trait is combinable with other body traits, such as:

  • H chomper mouth - zipper would follow along the zig-zag of the teeth
  • VR Floating Limbs - to allow a member to have a fox's body parts zip on and off! 
  • H Holes and Tears - for an untwisting part of the body to unzip! 
  • M Multiple eyes - to zip the eye shut if wanted!
  • H Multiple mouths - for a similar effect vibe as multi-eyes



This trait CANNOT:

  • Completely make up a body part (as in a fox's arm cannot be 100% zipper alone with this trait alone). If you'd like a fox's tail made up of just a zipper, VR Mystical Tail is best!
  • Be used to replace another trait effect (such as you cannot use Body Zippers to make a detachable limb without having Floating Limbs in effect, and so on)
  • Be used to make a scarfox look unrecognizable from the standard species anatomy for ML and prompt entries.



If you have any questions or concerns about this trait or possible combinations, please contact Darci or Benaberrry for further help! 

This information may be updated in the future to better explain and structure this information for the benefit of the staffing and community.

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