Braided | Knotted Limbs (Unstable)

Category: Body/Misc
Species: Scarfox


This trait allows a fox to have their fabric either separated into strips and braided, or doubled over and knotted up! Braids and knots can be of any type, and can be across the body, including the waistline and legs. Knotted Arms/Braided Arms must end in a "bundle" of fingers!

This trait can affect many areas of a fox, but if it affects too many areas where a staff member cannot tell it is a fox, you may have your entry rejected. Please check with MYO staffing, Benaberry, or Darci to see if your idea is okay! 



  • Why is this trait unstable?
    • Braided/Knotted Limbs is where an area of the foxes body is separated into strips, all the way down to the end of that body section, then braided back over one another and refused/sealed into this braid with their fingers being knotted up! The limbs are tightly knotted in at least one area to prevent nearly any flow of mist into the rest of the body part. This alteration to a foxes body is painful, and having ones fingers in a permanent fumbling bundle doesnt feel the best. 
  • Why not have this be H holes and tears?
    • this is due to the fact of the fabrics being refused together after the shredding or knotting. these knotted up areas cannot be undone, and can cause a great amount of problems with a foxes basic functions.


 This trait can alter the following areas of a scarfox:




 This trait is combinable with other traits, such as:

  • VR Functional items - ideas like fiber optic cords came to mind when considering braided arms or body parts
  • VR Floating Limbs - ideas like a knotted-up waist and torso hovering in the center of an otherwise pristine fox could give a cursed beauty vibe theme
  • UC Spikes - to give a thorny vine look to affected arms
  • H Holes and Tears - to give tendril-like shreds off the main knotted or braided areas
  • M Spiritual arm



This trait CANNOT:

  • Be unwoven in any way shape or form.
  • Be used in a way to bypass other traits, or mimic things that may not be allowed for the scarfox anatomy. If you are unsure if your idea would work, please contact MYO staffing with a visual example of your idea! 
  • Alter the core scarfox anatomy so greatly that staffing cannot tell it is a scarfox



If you have any questions or concerns about this trait or possible combinations, please contact Darci or Benaberrry for further help! 

This information may be updated in the future to better explain and structure this information for the benefit of the staffing and community.

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