Mirrored Head (Unstable)

Category: Head
Species: Scarfox


Mirrored Head allows a fox to have perfect copies of its face come out of the back and or sides of the original head. These faces all share one head base, connected to a single neck. When using this trait, all faces must mirror the traits of the other faces, so if a fox has UC colored teeth, all teeth need to be colored, but can be differing colors! 

While the heads are merged at the back to a single neck base, ears may also be fused together side by side (not back to back or front to front)



  • Why is this trait unstable?
    • The fox's heads are not the only thing that splits and or duplicates! Foxes with this trait contain multiple consciousnesses within them!
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The soul before coming to this realm could have had their collective souls merged into one entity by the souls choice before reaching the All Mother, leading to this trait giving each one its own voice and face. Likewise, the fox in question before having this trait added, may have been of one sound mind in the beginning, then split into separate pieces of its inner concious as the Unstable trait tore them apart from the inside, being too much to handle. Any fox afflicted with this trait is not of sound mind, and are very tormented souls who cannot get a grasp on their surroundings, new life, or even their bodies, and end up wandering or causing large problems out of their own control. For a fox that would have more stable control over their minds, Multiple Limbs (heads) is a better option!




This trait is combinable with other traits, such as:

  • VR Winged Ears/VR Wings - for biblically accurate angel vibes 
  • VR Growth 
  • R Vertical Mouth
  • U Void Head 
  • U Unhinged - (mouths can go down the neck and connect at a single point, splitting off in a Y shaping from the collarbone up. The mouths hinge then via the center back connection where all heads are fused)



This trait CANNOT:

  • Have less than a complete second face attached to the head at a horizontal level (half-formed face splitting from another is not allowed)
  • Have the heads fused vertically (the bottom of the head merged with the top of another head) 
  • Have an unreasonable amount of heads 
  • Have the heads on separate necks and entirely separate heads, if you wish for this effect M Multiple Limbs is the trait for you!
  • Have traits differing per head, such as one head cannot have UC colored teeth without the other head having UC colored teeth. 


If you have any questions or concerns about this trait or possible combinations, please contact Darci or Benaberrry for further help! 

This information may be updated in the future to better explain and structure this information for the benefit of the staffing and community.

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