Void Head (Unstable)

Category: Head
Species: Scarfox


This trait turns your standard fabric and mist-filled scarfox head into something that's not really a solidified head anymore! A pitch black empty billowing of unknown matter consumes a fox's head down to the mist, leaving the fox with nothing but its mouth intact! Its studs and ears turned to blend into the void, what goes on inside is... unknown.

  • Differing ear shape traits will affect the shape the void takes on in that location, so if one has UC smoosh, your void area would mirror that shape area.

  • Teeth/mouth-affecting traits would stay intact, and would not be consumed by the void.

  • Traits like M Stardrops, R Stitched Eye, H Empty Socket, and H Void Eye will remain tangible on the surface of the void area, but will warble and shift with the mass itself, U Stardrops may appear as if bleeding off into the void.

  • The traits Void eyes and Hollow Sockets will go from back to white in the instance of being used with this trait, due to the duel negatives turning the additional trait into a positive, alongside U Color Drain only trait combo that can turn void eyes any other value or color opposed to black.

  • If using Elemental Cloak, the cloak must look like an add-on, and not a replacement for the void heads area (so one cannot just turn the void heads coloring different and call it fire, an extra amount of fire/effects must be added on to look like it's added on TOP of the void head)



  • Why is this trait unstable? 
    • For its effects on the scarfox being so incredibly drastic, these heads can be blown over and leveled with the fox's mouth, giving the illusion for a brief moment that a fox has no top half to its head at all! 



 This trait is combinable with other head traits, such as:

  • H Void Eyes - your void eyes need to be of a different color to your head void so we can see they have the trait! this can be a subtle change or a strongly contrasting one! 
  • any available ear stud trait
  • Any available ear shape traits - VR winged ears, UC smooshed, R floppy, etc. The only exclusion is long floppy due to the distance it pulls away from the core of the head, alongside the effects this trait has on the ear area of a fox.
  • M Multiple Limbs (heads) -  this trait can coat the entire mass of the heads, but the mouths and ears must stay in the place they normally rest
  • U Mirrored Head
  • U Color Drain - can change the value from black up to white 

Traits that are NOT affected by Void Head, but have the option:

  • TBD


This trait CANNOT:

  • Only cover some parts of the head
  • Be mixed with U container head, as they would cancel each other out 
  • Have the head look beyond the scarfox standard anatomy for the masterlist entry, personal artwork is another thing though. even so, this trait does not permit the shaping of a scarfoxes head into things like animal muzzles, beaks, or shapes/alterations that would break the core anatomy of our species, for both ML entries and prompt entries.


Examples of this trait being combined with void eyes can be seen below:




If you have any questions or concerns about this trait or possible combinations, please contact Darci or Benaberrry for further help! 

This information may be updated in the future to better explain and structure this information for the benefit of the staffing and community.

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