🎁Holiday Raffles 2023!

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🎁Hello hello and welcome to the second year of our FTO and FFA christmas designs! Below is a quick little info drop on how to enter, and other info bits including a feedback idea im asking for opinions on!

  • FTO- First time owner, meaning you've never owned a scarfox, do not currently own a scarfox, and have never owned a scarfox! If you own a MYO slot you count as an owner! If you are the co owner of a fox and do not solely own any foxes or myos on your account, you count as a FTO!
  • FFA- Free for all, meaning that no matter your ownership status you can enter into this raffle! members who are blacklisted and or banned from the species are not permitted to win any of the offered prizes, and cannot win via proxy. if found to be proxy entering these raffles repercussions will occur.

 Members cannot enter for other members, members are not allowed to enter with multiple accounts, and extra entries cannot be earned for these raffles. A FTO may enter for all raffles but can only win one! if the same user is rolled to win multiples via the sites rngeesus, they will win the first thing that was rolled and the other(s) will be rerolled! Accounts will be checked before designs are distributed and winners are announced.

🎁The raffles will be open to enter today @ 3pm cst under our raffles tab, and will close and be rolled on christmas day at the same time (3pm cst)! 

🎁if no responses are had within this timeframe, the designs will be rerolled, so please make sure you're available within that timeframe to reply to Dragon when she contacts you! If you entered and won and had a change of heart, not want the prize, we can reroll! Once again you cannot win this for someone else, nor win this then ask to gift this to someone else before the 6 month cooldown.

🎁There will be 3 total separate raffles held under our raffles tag with their appropriate titles, the FTO being Candy Cane Kitten, and FFA being Pine Bark! These designs follow Dragon-Eternals TOS ans will retain a $0BV and a 6 month cool down. Peeks were given earlier on this month, with their full designs below in a neatly wrapped advert image for the season!

🎁As a bonus, the owner has permitted the raffle of an Uncommon slot alongside these two! It will be for FTO's, and share the same $0BV and will follow a 6 month cooldown before being able to be gifted with the aid of an admin or owner!

ADDENDUM: In the event a staff member wins the FFA raffle, the staff member will receive a different prize of similar value in its place (a MYO), and the design will be rerolled for a community member to win

🎁Among this information, im also interested in some feedback! Would members be interested in being able to earn extra entries for these raffles? this would be through either doing the main monthly prompt for the species which would have your badge of the year be your proof, date and time stamped in your badge section in your inventory for staff checking, and or entering and completing your secret santa before the raffles opening date! The only thing with this tho is it would need to be manually managed and rolled by me, which i dont mind doing in my staff channel then posting the roll result screenshot! If you have other ideas for this please let me know underneath the feedback comment ill leave featured in this post!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact staffing or ask your questions below in the questions comment!

We hope your december has been the best it could be, and that if you celebrate the holidays it goes well with food and relaxation if possible! The secret santas are already coming out gorgeous, and we're excited to see em all! Happy Holidays!



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Questions here:

2023-12-24 12:06:19 (Edited 2023-12-24 12:06:22)

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Suggestions here:

2023-12-24 12:06:10 (Edited 2023-12-24 12:06:27)

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I would say to make it easier for you and the rest of staff to have extra entries be with monthly prompts.

2023-12-24 13:47:14

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Ty for the feedback! Ill keep that noted in my personal channel

2023-12-24 21:07:28

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I would be interested in the ability to get extra entries. That’s more motivating for me than crystals and items so I probably would finish more prompts haha

2023-12-24 12:47:24

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