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CURRENT - The cash shop has officially opened. Please keep in mind that it will only be open for 72 hours (3 days). Shop will close on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 @ 11:59 CST.
Thank you for your patience.

Good morning everyone and happy first day of the Spoopy month! I want to give a warning that there will be multiple announcements and polls throughout the day to get a vibe of what will be going down for the month. 

I want to start things up with Mod Applications. The mod apps will be open for about two weeks and you can find the application here: MOD APPLICATION FORM
The link will be posted on the discord, deviantart, and as well as on site for everyone to have a chance. 

We are hiring for both MYO Mod applications (which Benaberrry will be assisting me with as she is mainly in charge of dealing with the MYO mods) and Site and Discord Moderators. We will be going through these mod applications as they come in to make it easier for us to look through. As a warning ahead of time, I will not be hiring future moderators who have a current strike in the community. 

The mod applications will be viewed and discussed by the entire mod team.

On to the next update, the shop will be opening up soon around 12 pm CST. This is going to be a test phase and we are still considering proper times for the shop to be open. Everything will be unlimited for the next 72 hours/3 days. 

Regarding MYO designs updates and approvals, you may start to submit them again. Please be aware it will take a moment as things in the group are re-opening and we are still handling announcements and the overall site such as uploads and changes. I will also be handling MYO approvals to ease off on the MYO mod and Admin. 

Regarding the DTE, we will be picking the winner within a week. 

Members who are currently muted, please be aware that Discord does not provide a feature of listed members who are currently timed out. If we have forgotten to remove the timeout please DM us and we will get to it as soon as possible. 

Please keep in mind for the future if you are on a Timeout it will be 24 hours for the first offense and doubled for following offenses. 

Please keep negative remarks with no constructive criticism out of the chatrooms, feel free to ask questions in QNA or DM any available mod in regards to this announcement.

Thank you. 


2022-08-30 15:14:22

Hey guys, we are planning an event for October.

However, there are people out there with coulrophobia (fear of clowns) and our Clown NPC Piero will be bringing the dark circus to town. I'm concerned with our community's phobias so I need to know if this is ok or not to continue setting this theme. Some of the banners will include clown-based Scarfoxes and we would like to be considerate of our member's fears. If you feel that there are any phobias you would like to let us know about, please title them "Phobia Concern" in the suggestions box found in HERE and we will do our best to avoid said phobias. 

If you are not part of the discord and would like to voice your opinion please let us know in the comments below.

If you are uncomfortable with stating your phobia in public, you are welcome to send us a suggestion titled "Concerns with clown phobia"

Suggestion on different themes for October event, title "October Theme" on suggestion form.

Thank you for voting and future suggestions. We are excited to bring you more future and fun events to the group!


Things coming soon~

We are getting ready to start setting up quests and Scavenging and Mining, please be patient as there will be a lot of testing done so you guys can experience something fun~


2022-05-27 09:26:13

Doing something nice for my Birthday for you guys. 

I have several free raffles everyone can enter here: 
Five people will be rolled for each, everyone is welcome to enter. 

I will do an FTO raffle later around 6pm CST and it will end at 11:59 pm CST.

I have also discounted Mystic | Hollow Potions and MYO shop for the weekend. 

I have also released discounted Unstable Slots for the weekend as well. 

All Raffles will be rolled at 11:59 pm CST today. 

Anyways have fun!


2022-05-07 18:08:18

Hello everyone,

The 2022 T.O.S. has been updated. Please check the important-links for the updated T.O.S.
You may also find it here Terms of Service 2022 and here Website Terms of Service


Second update, we got the Server Boost rewards up. We have gotten an idea on how to use the loot system to help out with the rewards and we have placed some pretty nice random good rewards you may receive. Here is the information for the box: Server Boost Box

1. You're welcome to start sending your proofs of Nitro boosts through the claims:

2. Please remember to post screenshot proof of the months you are claiming for. 

3. You are responsible for keeping up with your boost rewards. 

4. Please make sure you read the boost box rules by clicking on the link. Rules are subject to change. 


Last update, we will be removing role-request and letting you guys self-assign roles once I get the self assigned roles fixed up on this server. I will be using the @/everyone ping on discord to let everyone know of those changes, I'm giving out the warning now!

And that's it!

Thank you everyone!


2022-04-13 18:08:18

Hello everyone!

Its been teased here and there in the server, but the time has finally come! We welcome a new subtype for scarfoxes..... The Chameleon subtype!

 This subtype is applied with a potion much like the elemental potion, and allows your scarfox to completely change color palette at will! 

You can read more about the specifics here! Chameleon Potion

You can read about the chameleon subtype here! Chameleon Subtype 


We would also like to welcome in another item to the shop, The Synthetic Dye!

This dye allows one to completely overhaul their foxes design! Please make sure to read the info found in the link here to understand what this item is capable of!
Read more about it here: Synthetic Dye Potion 

These items will be available for both USD and crystal purchase! please make sure you fully read all of the information these items have on the site before purchasing said items, as the synthetic dye has things like a cool down timer, and the chameleon potion has specific limits!

Any questions or concerns feel free to ask in scarfox-questions!

We hope these new additions to the shop are helpful to all, and gives people a fresh take on their foxes! Thank you so much for hanging around, supporting the species, and we hope you have a lovely day! 


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