Ringmaster Jeremiah

Biome Scarfoxes
The Ringmaster of Magic Soul


Status - Biome Scarfox
Biome - Magic Soul
Class - B
Age - Unknown
Height - 8 ft. | 365 cm.
Element - Unknown
Rune - Unknown
Weapon - Whip
Soul - Ringmaster

Jeremiah or as everyone likes to call him, Ringmaster, has been guiding the Cirque de Anima for as long as any Scarfox remembers. His personality is created from playfulness and joy from the laughter and enjoyment of others. No one who works with him has ever seen him be despicable or angered by any situation and instead prefers to think about events thoroughly before making a final decision. 

Jeremiah usually carries a whip for his acts that is covered in mist to activate certain illusions for his acts. Often times he is seen with the Clown Scarfoxes as he prepares to open the Cirque to the many visitors or communicate with them to set up future performances. 

A lot of Scarfoxes believe that he is the God of the Biome even though he reminds others constantly that the God is currently unavailable as she is dealing with certain things outside of Magic Soul. However, he has temporary power over guiding the Biome Island to new locations every moon rise. Jeremiah has mechanical knowledge which allowed him to create the Mist Ferry to allow visitors easier access to the Magic Soul Biome. 


Jeremiah Caleb Finley was a young boy from the countryside who worked as a farmhand mainly working with herding sheep and horses until the age of 23. Jeremiah decided to leave one night out of nowhere and travel to the city as he had heard from the locals that the Cirque was in town and as a child he always had the desire to work for the Cirque. Having to grow up with no guardians due to a passing plague through the country of his origin, he mainly had to care for himself growing up but one of his dreams was to work with entertainment and magic. He read about the Cirque in books and his dreams only grew with him and now he was at the doorstep to his new life years later. 

It took him a while but eventually, he started with basic stagehand things as he was taught in secret by performers who found him very dedicated to learning. As he spent his years within the Cirque and grew alongside the others, he eventually moved up to having his first debut as a performer. His performance was flawless and due to the attention he brought to working well with other animals he was put into petition for the next Ringmaster. Yes, he got his chance, due to the plague once again affecting the area and rumors had it that the current Ringmaster had been infected as he no longer could be in the same area as all his Cirque workers. 

Within a year, the Ringmaster along with a few other infected passed away and Jeremiah managed to become the next in line... sadly... Jeremiah had become infected in the process and did not know about it until symptoms started to kick in during his famous performance. 

Within the year... Jeremiah had passed on and the Cirque was disbanded as the plague seemed to have gotten worse. 

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