Chronicle Pages

Category: Character Collectibles

“It is said that these pages are blessed by the Chronicler scarfox, Astral. These pages are granted by Astral himself when one scarfox experiences an important part of their life or by committing a great deed. These pages are extremely important and each piece of parchment is part of one’s life story.” 

Chronicle Pages are extremely important because they are used to raise one’s rank. They can be rewarded by completing rites and other events. Pages can be collected, but they will not count to your rank unless you complete the Rite of Existence. To move up in rank, you must have the correct number of pages and complete the rite for that rank.


• Rank System: 
After getting the correct number of pages, one must do the rite for that rank in order for their rank to change. For example, if I have 200 pages, I must complete the Rite of Rook in order to become a Rook rank. 

Serf: 0-100 [You earn this rank as you complete the Rite of Existence]
Pawn: 100-150
Rook: 150-300
Monarch 800+?

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