Poseidon's Lost Shells

Miscellaneous 3 August 2021 - 17 September 2021


"Meet the God of the Sea Palace Biome, Lord Poseidon. He is a kind God and treats all of his sea-dwelling Scarfoxes with the same respect he is given. However, in a recent unknown storm, Poseidon has lost something precious of his collection. Seashells. He has been collecting them since the time that he was created and it's a favorite pastime of his. Luckily, during the time of the storm, most of them had washed up on the coast of the Hidden Garden and right at the perfect time too since the Summer Festival is around the corner. "

"He has a request for you, will you listen?"

>> Yes


"My Seashells... I have been working on that collection for Eons. How dare that storm take away what belongs to me? You! Yes, you. I need you to go find my Seashells that I have lost. I don't care how you acquire them but I need those shells. If you do bring back plenty, I may give you something nice."



event details

Hello everyone, welcome to the Summer Event of 2021. I firstly want to thank everyone that has supported the community's growth in these hard times and I wanted to provide a wonderful long event for you. This time however we are doing things a little bit differently since I would like to have more things for everyone to do and have fun with since the last two months have been rather quiet. In this event, you will have the opportunity to join multiple prompts in order to help one of our Biome Gods retrieve special seashells since he was a small lad. Anyone can participate by using NPCs or other member's Scarfoxes in order to obtain the prizes. Art and writing are both welcomed in this event to be able to give everyone an opportunity to have some fun in the sun with his Lordship.

You can obtain some really nice new prizes. Some are below:


  • Help our new NPC find his lost shells before time runs out and he has to return to his home in the sea. He is happy to reward everyone that helps with amazing new items from the Sea Palace biome. 

  • To return the Lost Seashells to Poseidon go to the shop that he has set up for you.
    Poseidon's Seashell Exchange

  • You can draw your own Scarfox, NPCs, or other people's Scarfoxes in the activities that we have provided below.

  • Please make sure that all art follows the location details. The location is Hidden Garden (Coast Area).



The location will be on the coast of the Hidden Garden. 


  • Seashell Hunting
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Face-In-Hole Photobooth
  • Water Play
  • Summer Cook Out
  • Poseidon Summer Outfit Design

You will have the chance to obtain two awards at this event along with other goodies. 

  • Bucket of Seashells
  • Crystalized Sea Star