Hidden Garden


"...A beautiful, peaceful garden where the flora is seen throughout the land of all different types. The perfume of the flora has a soothing effect on Scarfoxes, making this garden the perfect place to relax. The is a hidden part of the Garden where you could see the smallest of furniture and foods for Scarfoxes who have the ability to become small. There they share upon the presence of the Mini God...."

Notes: There is a quiet area between the mountains where many waterfalls flow and where purple flowering willow trees grow. This is where Venus resides. You may find the place of the minis by walking into a cave of sorts that leads through another section of the garden, this cave will get smaller and smaller the further you walk in allowing it to shrink even the tallest of Scarfoxes. This is where Mini resides. 

Points of Interest: Venus' Pond, Shrinking Cavern, Eden's Garden, Scented Path of the Nymphs.

Associated Event

Miscellanous: Poseidon's Lost Shells