Scarfox God Dipsi

God of the Underwaters


god of the underwaters

Status - Scarfox God
Biome - Sea Palace
Class - S
Age - Unknown
Height - 12 ft. | 365 cm.
Element - Water
Rune - Prosperity

"My name is Dipsi, I am the God of the Underwaters. A pleasure to meet a smaller form of creation. I am surprised you are not afraid to speak to me in such close proximities, I do enjoy a brave soul when I see one... even if you are small. Oh?! I am the first of the Gods you have met? Well, you should feel privileged to have met me first. "

The tall God looms over you, gripping his staff tightly while looking down upon your puny existence. You feel his large arm resting next to you wondering how easily he could crush your body or how far he can easily throw you.

"I am grateful that you have chosen to assist me in retrieving my beloved Seashells... they are very important to me after all! Do not fret, I will reward you handsomely with currency and items from the Sea Palace that I am sure you would have some use for. Now. Run along you have much collecting to do! Maybe once done, I will tell you how I lost my precious shells."

He smiles and waves to you from the water.

"I will be here whenever you bring back shells!"

Associated Event

Miscellanous: Poseidon's Lost Shells