Mini God

God of the Minis


god of the Minis

Status - Scarfox God
Biome - Unknown
Class - Unknown
Age - Unknown
Height - 1 ft. | 30 cm.
Element - Unknown
Rune - None

"My name is not important all you need to know is that I love spending time with other Scarfoxes and I love partaking in the delicacies of different types of foods."

He fixes his floating coat as he sits above a trunk surrounded by small mushrooms. 

"I have recently woken up after my monthly slumber and I require food for I hunger around this time. I've heard Astral has made it aware that once again I am awake and that a celebration shall be made for me. I thank my fellow Scarfoxes and I will await their treats upon my trunk throne," the very small Mini sits patiently upon the trunk letting out a friendly aura that even the most hatred feelings upon beings can be appeased in his presence. 


The Mini God changes per Season along with his coat. Examples will be shown below once they are ready.