Biome Scarfoxes
Bringer of Admiration


Status - Biome Scarfox
Biome - Traveler
Class - B
Age - Unknown
Height - 5'10ft. ft. | 155 cm.
Element - Unknown
Rune - Unknown
Weapon - Knitting Needles
Soul - Artisan

Agape also known as Elias, is a Traveling Scarfox who likes to expirement with different creative hobbies, one of his favorite being knitting.  Whenever he gets any sort of inspirritation from traveling or meeting others he sinks himself into making many different things through yarn or anyth cloth material that he could work with. 

Agape enjoys the wide open field of the Wind Valley but often time he is seen in his little home covered in upward vines and fresh moss on the perimeter of the walls of his cabin. Inside there are various sewing equipment and multiple different cloths. A large wooden loop and spinning wheel sits in there along with all of his other products. 

He is known to be a total gentleman and soft spoken Scarfox. He loves afternoon tea outside of his home and finally love to read romance novels before he decides to sleep for the day. He gets easily flustered with compliments and often times if someone helps him he likes to give them with things that he has made. 



Associated Items

Valentine's Day Chocolate: Milk Choco, White Choco, Dark Choco, Salted-Caramel Choco, Strawberry Choco, and Matcha Choco