Miscellaneous 3 March 2021 - 11 April 2021

 “ That nice spring breeze blowing through each of the realms as the Wind Valley’s events are finally stirring, the hunt for those small pesky little eggs. These weren’t regular eggs however for each had a purpose when they were all unified. Hurry… this only lasts for such a short time. You must find what these eggs do before they disappear!”

Hey there everyone, welcome to the first event of the year for the Scarfox Realm. The Eggstravaganza event is to be considered an early Easter event to celebrate the coming of Springs. In this event, there will be multiple little things that everyone can do to obtain six different colored eggs such drawing pictures and collaborating with others to find these eggs. 


Here are the different colored eggs that you can obtain in this event:


Once you have collected one of each color you can make the special Mystery Egg which you can hatch to receive one of the random pets in the game. 


Event Requirements:

- Must be fullbody chibi or shows most of the body with color and background.

- Written entries must be 2000 words. 

- Collaboration can happen with another member. Only two members can work on it as rewards will be split right down the middle. 

- You can draw your scarfoxes looking or collecting eggs with other foxes. 

- Nonowners are welcome to participate. You may either use Astral or Scarfoxes from other members of the species.

Location: Wind Valley
  • Between the mountains is a quiet place where Scarfox who seeks peace and harmony resides. 
  • Points of interest: Bamboo forest, Large Windy mountains, Wind Temple, Sacrificial Tree.
  • Eggs can be found in bamboo shoots, inside small ponds, near shrines or temples, or perhaps somewhere in the wide expanse of the Valley’s meadows.


Reward Information

- You will automatically receive the Mystery Egg recipe when you first submit it for the event

- Submitting a fullbody, flat colored will give you 1 of each egg color

- Submitting at the max of 2000 words will give you 1 of each egg color

- Surfing the site will give you an egg of a random color

- You are able to trade these eggs for other eggs only during the event to help other members

- Once you have an egg of each color, you will be able to exchange them for the Mystery Egg


Event Rewards
(Will only count for the first submission)

20-image.png300 Crystals

10 Chronicle Pages

8-image.png1 Mystery Egg

Mystery Egg Recipe

3-image.pngEaster Egg Basket Badge


How To Obtain Rewards

In order to obtain your rewards, you will have to go to Submit -> Submit A Claim -> and enter the information plus the items that you will be receiving. 

If you're having issues, please contact the mod team through Discord.


Biomes: Wind Valley


Biome Scarfoxes: Astral