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1 March 2021 (1 year ago)

Andy / MOON / Kit-Nightwalker

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- The resident spouse & handler of the Daycare Attendant (Sun & Moon) from FNaF:SB -

Formerly known as Mindscape, whoops!  Didn't expect the name change to actually go through, lmao.

Hey everyone, some of you here will already know who I am as I used to be in the Scarfox discord from 2017 - 2020.  Despite being known as "Moon" now on this site, my username around most other places is still Mindscape.  A lot of people call me Andy, Lur, or Dorito too.  I happily own ten Scarfoxes, most of which are soulbound to me.  The ones that aren't are awaiting the cooldown; once the six month period is up they will be.  I do accept gift art of my Scarfoxes, but please let me know if you plan to draw any of them because some of my foxes are canonically paired up, and I won't permit certain types of content involving any of my foxes so I want to make sure that you won't be drawing something I'm uncomfortable with.  All of my Scarfoxes are currently open for friendships and/or familial relations, but I'm currently not accepting any romantic relations or interactions with characters that aren't either my own, or belonging to close friends for personal reasons.  Perhaps at a later time this may change, but as of right now, I'm not comfortable with it unless I really know and trust the other person.

I like to draw, write, chat with friends, watch Twitch streamers, and I also enjoy a variety of video games.  I also like to commission artwork of my characters, be it my Scarfoxes, 2D husband, or other OCs when I have the finances for it.  Big fan of anime, manga, and cartoons, and I also really like indie horror stuff.  I also really like listening to music, but I'm one of those people who gets addicted to a single song and will listen to it nonstop for two weeks lmao.  If you're a good friend of mine, you know how much I like to throw my music recommendations at people.  I can be a bubbly, energetic person at times but I can also be tired and solemn, and other times I can be downright angry or unpleasant to deal with.  I don't mean to be aggressive or hostile, and I promise you that it's external factors making me this way, not anything you did.  If things get too bad, I try to step back and avoid social media until I feel better, so if you try to reach out to me and I don't respond, I may be on a small hiatus for whatever reason.  I ask that you give me patience at times, I am a forgetful person and sometimes I forget to reply to something, but I do try and get back to everyone eventually.


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I see babies everywhere

2021-06-29 03:43:40 (Edited 2021-06-29 14:49:07)

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Ahdhdksaldjd yes… I love all of my children. <3

2021-06-29 14:49:52

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//gently holds your foxes

2021-05-30 15:19:03

Moon Avatar

You misspelled "Regal" but it's okay I know what you meant. //rofl

2021-05-30 15:56:01

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I MEAN, yeah, I'm a Regal simp sorry SLDJFSKL

2021-05-30 16:02:55

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2021-03-01 17:29:09 (Edited 2021-06-29 14:49:24)

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Honk honk!

2021-03-01 17:29:44

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2021-03-01 17:31:08

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