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1 March 2021 (1 year ago)

Andy / MOON / M00NDR0PZ

01.31.1988 | Schediaphile | Artist | Writer
- Scarfox Realm's #1 simp, dedicated handler, and spouse of the Daycare Attendant from FNaF:SB! -
- I love my animatronic husband very, very much. <3 -

I was formerly known as Mindscape.

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Hello there!  Welcome to my profile.  If you're an older Scarfox member, you'll probably know me since I've been around the species since 2017 when I got my first Scarfox.  I was also in the discord from 2017 - 2020, and after a small break, I came back to the discord in 2021 and have been there since!  My username here is "Moon," but outside of the Scarfox Realm site, you're more likely to find me as M00NDR0P, M00NDR0PS, or M00NDR0PZ depending on the site.  I still go by Mindscape in a few places, but I'm slowly phasing out that username with my change in interests.  You can also call me Andy or Lur too, if you want.

I'm a lazy artist and writer; I enjoy both but I don't do much of either these days.  Alongside of that, I like to chat with my friends on Discord, watch Twitch streams, and play Minecraft, Pokemon, or a variety of other games.  I also like to commission artwork of my characters, be it my beloved 2D husband or other OCs, when I have the finances for it.  Big fan of anime, manga, and cartoons, and I also really like indie horror stuff (FNaF, BatIM, Hello Neighbor, etc.).  I also really like listening to music, but I'm one of those people who gets addicted to a single song and will listen to it nonstop for two weeks lmao.

Thanks to all of the friends I've made through this species, and other species, for sticking with me.  It's been fun, but as of recent events I'm no longer participating in this species' prompts, events, or sales and I've chosen to temporarily void my foxes.  I've lost interest in a lot of CS and my financial situation can no longer handle my spending habits, so I am gradually leaving a lot of the CS I'm in until I get my finances under control.  This doesn't mean I won't still be around, though!  I'll still be logging in to check on things.  Might also try and rehome some of my items or pets if I feel like it.  Don't come begging though, if you ask me for stuff unprompted the answer is an instant "no."

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I see babies everywhere

2021-06-29 03:43:40 (Edited 2021-06-29 14:49:07)

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Ahdhdksaldjd yes… I love all of my children. <3

2021-06-29 14:49:52

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//gently holds your foxes

2021-05-30 15:19:03

Moon Avatar

You misspelled "Regal" but it's okay I know what you meant. //rofl

2021-05-30 15:56:01

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I MEAN, yeah, I'm a Regal simp sorry SLDJFSKL

2021-05-30 16:02:55

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2021-03-01 17:29:09 (Edited 2021-06-29 14:49:24)

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Honk honk!

2021-03-01 17:29:44

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2021-03-01 17:31:08

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