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1 March 2021 (3 years ago)

Hi there - I'm really not apart of the community, I just own a couple from during my time as a former mod and when the species first started off. Each fox is apart of their own world, and not tied with the scarfox-realm world so I would really appreciate it if they were not included in prompt work (unless spoken to/a close friend and I've given permission!) Thank you for reading!


Don't inquire about my scarfoxes - not looking to trade them. I'll put them up for offers when the time come. Any comments inquiring will be ignored or blocked; don't appreciate the unsolicitated offers.

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Miyabliss Avatar

Hi! Would you be interested in trading Scarfox- 271 or 028 for this bean?

2022-06-14 17:31:02

IstorMortis Avatar

Nah, none of my foxes are up for offers nor am I interested in bagbeans or anything griffa related so not sure why the offer.

2022-06-15 16:24:18

FalysyuH Avatar

Hello, I'm FalysyuH. Nice to meet you. Are you're Char. available for Gift Art? I would like to use them to take part in a Pass It Along prompt.

2022-02-13 20:16:49

VoidGremlin Avatar

honk honk >:D

2021-05-30 13:33:42

VoidGremlin Avatar


2021-03-05 02:19:55

IstorMortis Avatar

get off me law >:U

2021-03-13 15:31:05

VoidGremlin Avatar

The law don't effect the true honker >:Dc

2021-03-14 00:16:00

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