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!! Please read this info before offering !! 

- USD/PayPal only. NO points.
- Serious bidders only: No bid retraction/hiding, do not bid an amount you would not be able to pay.
- Payment plans are available, please read the Payment Plan Guidelines for details.

- Auction will end on 10/30/2021 at 6 pm CEST (French Timezone).
- Owner will receive a larger transparent size and may make edits to their design. Design Edit Guide
- Feel free to ask in a comment or a note if you have questions! 

"You walk near the forest, the atmosphere is heavy ... the dead trees and the gray tint on the ground does not reassure you.
You hear noise ... a winged Scarfox approaches you ...
“Do you want a mask,” they said.
They hand you a mask but ... what are they hiding under their hood."
Hey! And yes it's me again >:)
Let me introduce you to the mask merchant! I wanted to try something unusual.
This poor scarfox, eaten away by travel, fatigue and many scars, is looking for someone who can relieve him.
- Feel free to ask in a comment or a note if you have questions! 

Masterlist version



SB - $75
MI - $5
AB - $400

Ears - Common shape
Head - Empty Eye Socket (Hollow)
Arm - Belts (Uncommon)
Tail - Mystical Tail (Very Rare) (Dragon)
Body - Scars (Uncommon) - Wings (Very Rare)

Subtype - None

Winner -

Scarfox is a closed species owned by @Darcl


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