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!! Please read this info before offering !! 

- USD/PayPal only. NO points.
- Serious bidders only: No bid retraction/hiding, do not bid an amount you would not be able to pay.
- Payment plans are available, please read the Payment Plan Guidelines for details.

- Auction will end on 10/24/2021 at 6 pm CEST (French Timezone).
- Owner will receive a larger transparent size and may make edits to their design. Design Edit Guide
- Feel free to ask in a comment or a note if you have questions! 

"A dark atmosphere is raising ...
Waking up from a long sleep, the princess walked in her deceaced garden ..."
Hi everyone!
I'm uploading my very first design for Halloween! The pretty Ghost Princess <<
I'm so glad about her dress because I had some nice inspirations and references!
For the first time, I wanted to try severals AB steps. Tho, unlike Frenchie, the posing and the clothing was not very the most simple to do an unclothed version ...
I will have to do an extra art. Same for mini, the clothing will be simplefied!
It's the first time that I do something like this for Scarfoxs, please be lenient ;;


SB - $75
MI - $5

AB 1 - $370 (Includes the unclothed version as extra art)

AB 2 - $400 (Includes the unclothed and a Mini version as extra art)

Ears - Complex shape (Very Rare) (Swirls)
Head - Mouthless (Mystic)
Arm - Regular (Common)
Tail - Long Tail (Rare)
Body - Transparent Fabric (Very Rare)

Subtype - None

Winner - Darci (Gifted by Benaberrry)

Scarfox is a closed species owned by @Darcl


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