Timid Tides DTA Winners!

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 Hello hello! We have a final decision on our winner for this years DTA Timid Tides, as well as our 2 runner ups! It was lovely seeing so many entrants and different approaches to this DTA! From stylistic choices to art medium choices, we took our time deliberating over entrants and those we got tied on! We made the choice to hold the tiebreaker to the community against the top 2 pieces, and left the vote open for 48 hours, leaving us with our winner! The winner of the DTA is.... 

Ryvin with their lovely entry Tidal Summoning!

https://www.scarfox-realm.com/gallery/view/3127 https://www.scarfox-realm.com/images/gallery/3/3127_bk0PzH1u3L.png You've won Timid Tides, I will be contacting you shortly in regards to this!

When the extension was granted to enter over our hiatus, we also held a vote on if the community would be ok with 2 runner ups, each one would get a VR potion! The community said yes, so we also have your 2 runner ups! Our first runner up is.....

Layaking with their gorgeous entry!

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/660329186015051796/996797610801242172/waterFox_Mouth_Eyes.gif This was no joke in choosing, none of the staffing would budge on their votes between these 2 entrants as both blew us away! I'll be sending our your prize shortly!

And our second runner up is.....

HungryNeko with their paper curl entry!

Staffing enjoyed the take you did on her waves that helped it stand out! https://www.scarfox-realm.com/gallery/view/3265 I will be sending out your prize shortly!

While judging the entries for this DTA we focused on quality over quantity, taking into account factors such as effort, execution, and creativity. Judging the entrants was very tricky, but we appreciate all the entries that users sent in. Your entries were all beautiful and creative. We will look into hosting more DTA's in the future as chances arise, so please remember there will be other chances to win! If you entered for this DTA feel free to submit your entries to the crystal gallery if you havent already! All pieces submitted to the entry form have been uploaded to the characters toyhouse. Thank you so much for entering, we hope you had fun and that taking on drawing this design may have helped you develop your art skills more! That's all for now, we hope you have a lovely October and that you look forward to what we have in store for the future, take care! 

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Congrats to the winners! There were a heck ton of creative minds and i enjoyed looking at every entry! Hope to get luckier next time! Cheers!

2022-10-11 15:41:32

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