Scammer Beware

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by Dragon-Eternal

PSA we have been made aware that there is a user going around posing as korajora (kawi) and making it seem like a fox never sold, asking the follow up bidder to pay for the adopt. Please make sure to fully read the name/check the account and CHECK THE MASTERLIST to make sure its the right user and that the fox is still available or not. As to date as far as we know all kawi foxes have been sold. If you get scammed there is nothing we can do about it, if you do by chance get scammed report them to DA and paypal/whatever transaction service they ask you to use. If for some reason you cant get it back via asking through paypal and co, ask your bank to reverse the transaction if possible. Thank you for reading and stay safeĀ 

This seems to be happening with other popular artists as well such as kitkaloid, always check the profile if you can!


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