PROLOUGE : The Start to the End

In a Galaxy far, far awa—

Really? You’re going to start it like that?

Well, do you want to give this a shot or do you want me to handle this

Can it not... be cheesy?

Ok. Fine. I will start it as best as I can!

Space. A vast collection of small and large stars, holes that can stretch anything that it absorbs for miles, and the curiosity if there is actually any life within the infinite expense of this universe. There. In just another vast open part of this universe existed a margin where they congregated. Three sisters are all of the same features, same power, and same thoughts. To create and give life with threads unknown to anyone within the same plane of existence they breathed. Home of pure iridescent silk with a shine of every color of existence whenever light touched the surface that floated aimlessly within their small space. One with large needles she knitted her creations, another crochet with her large hook lands that could exist, and one who struggled to create a simple creature no matter how hard she tried. 




Her sisters would try their hardest to teach her their ways but nothing helped the third sister understand. She wished to create a land of themselves where souls were given an opportunity to exist once more and allowed to walk free in pure perfection in her eyes but without the skills to attain this, she began to lose hope in ever allowing her creations to come to fruition. The other sisters looked at each other and looked towards their creations.

A thought they shared. 

Using their tools to unbind their threads, the two sisters smiled as they gave their gifts to their third. Fusing to become one with their faulted sibling. But even in hearts of pure perfection existed a negative intention and it only allowed the third to obtain more threads and become the pure mind of the three to hide the corrupted threads that showed the darkness seeping through her soul. 

A failure.

A mistake. 

A dull, weak, fabric that only existed to think.



Not anymore. She was almighty, filled with pure untainted thread. Merged in perfection, the silk threads began her creations starting with the cocoon to allow for realms connected in silk to float gently within the hidden domain. Twelve peaceful biomes she created, all with their own livable areas, sparkling water, windy mountains, golden deserts, dangerous lands, turning caverns, fluffy clouds, raging seas… it was beautiful and full of perfection. There were flaws here and there because of her original thread but all she would do was hide them with her better thread, making sure that no more was seeping through. 

Taking a step out of her domain, she gazed at it and wondered what else she could add to make this dimension a perfect living place for her creations. Thoughts overwhelmed her mind and the choice she made was to bring forth the outside stars into her. Lifeforce from the surrounding stars and any life was being absorbed into her and one by one the stars in this section of the Universe began to turn off almost as if their death wasn’t worth it to her. She wanted her creations to enjoy everything. She returned to her domain, that small little pocket where these “perfect” biomes floated and connected by strings of pure silk to one another. 

Within her body, something new was being made and when she exhaled she allowed a Mist of all sorts of colors to be let onto each and every biome. It wasn’t long after the biomes began to sprout new life and she was proud of what she had accomplished. She wanted to make more and a new idea formed in her now-connected mind.



Her threads began to concentrate on three body forms.

“ I dub thee my Diaphonai…”

Three creatures alike to her appeared before her, pure and true and with Mist coursing through them to give them life:

Aion, Diaphonai of Time, was to turn the Sun and the Moon through their cycles and let the future inhabitants know their days. 

Atlas, Diaphonai of Maps, was to turn the pages and detail thoroughly and keep an eye on everything ever-changing. 

Aether, Diaphonai of Space, was to turn the future inhabitants and watch them progress in their new life, assist them in their new experience, and guide their souls through the vast new world. 

“We shall be true and perfect as Mother. We are your Diaphonai and we shall protect all of your creations.”