Cirque de Anima : Part One


Once again, the moon comes as Scarfoxes of the Realm start to place their small containers of water out for the first light to allow for the waters to be absorbed and make shields of light. The large crystals with stirring water are placed at the center of each biome to make sure to keep the Yste’s Souls and the shadow of beasts away from their homes. The temple of the Gods is already protected by their power to keep their assistants and those who live near the shrine safe. Everything was going to plan like always and nothing seemed out of the ordinary for the moon’s final cycle before it stayed for the month.

In the distance, the sound of floating instruments introduced the Cirque of Anima. Floating flyers flying everywhere and being introduced to all biomes before the final night of peace. For those who had the chance, packed and made their way over by travel of the Mist Ferry. Guiding itself across to the lone biome on clouds of Mist provided by the Scarfox Guide himself, Astral. Others who remained proceeded to celebrate the night of the coming moon together with others who preferred to stay. Those who proceeded on the Ferry noticed a familiar figure sitting on Astral’s arm, the Mini God was present, yet he peacefully remained asleep with no sense of waking.

The Ferry landed as gently as it possibly could at the entrance of the biomes Big Tent. At the entrance, a familiar clown Scarfoxes greeted everyone with a boastful laughter.

                “Hello~ Hello~ Welcome to Cirque de Anima, where all tales are told, and all dreams come alive!”

As he finished his introduction the entrance slowly parted like a stage and flashes of bright lights and sounds of old machines stirred within, a large Ferris wheel could be seen in the distance moving ever so slowly like a clock, large animal-like plushies of certain God Scarfoxes and pets across the Realm were hung on display for various carnival games, and a few new odd little pets roamed the roads of this large space.

All was going well.

                “I see that you have brought him along?” Pierro looked towards Astral while pointing at the Mini God.

                “He has yet to awaken from his slumber, he seemed to be doing well a few days ago, however, says he greatly misses the Cirque, so I thought to bring him along,” Astral adjusted the Mini God on his arm while his floating book was on his other side.

                “That’s surprising that you’re also carrying your book with you,” Pierro tilted his head. “Ehhh… it’s none of my business. He’s waiting for you inside. Says he wants to make sure that the story is perfect before we start previewing it in tomorrow’s show,” the clown Scarfox imitated a shrug as best as he could while stepping to the side and going off to greet other visitors.

Astral indeed continued forward to meet the one who had asked for him. As Astral made his way over, he kept the Mini God snuggled into his favorite blanket and watched the sea of his brethren enjoying themselves among the available current games and activities. Though there was a joy to look at, Astral couldn’t budge a smile even if he wanted to. He was here on business and time didn’t wait for anyone, not even him. A familiar phrase that he had heard multiple times back in the day from one of his equals.

Arriving at a smaller version of the big tent, Astral stepped inside. Seeing a few performing Scarfoxes running around, at least they all have been doing well while the Cirque was kept away.

A few more doors down the corridor he walked until he came up to one that had a golden star symbol with the words “Ringleader”, Astral knocked lightly.

“Come in,” a voice rings from the other side, excitable and overjoyed.

Astral focused on the doorknob and opened the door gently with his Mist as his arms were a bit occupied with a small sleeping lad. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him the same way he came in. There he looked up and the Ringleader stood gazing at him from behind his table holding on to his comfortably patchwork-like chair.

“Well… hello dear Astral,” his slitted eyes slowly parted themselves revealing two different colors underneath one gold and one green, just for a slight second before closing them again. “Welcome, welcome, it’s always lovely to have you grace us with presence and oh we have an extra guest this time. I’m surprised you brought the Mini God along. “

“He’s been wanting to visit for quite some time and says he misses everyone. I thought why not at least he will be able to feel everyone’s presence around him and not be alone in the Clock Tower with Tutor and the Oracle,” Astral adjusted the Mini God on his arm once again.

“Well, I wish you would have told me. I should’ve prepared a more grandiose act between Pierro and me just for our Mini God,” he chimes in a theatrical stance.

“I think he would be happy just seeing your performances. I’ll make sure to play some games here and there. Grab him a few snacks before the month ends to prepare for his eating enjoyment, “Astral responded.

“We do have a few new plushies that he would enjoy and some new fresh recipes. Did you know that some fox has figured out a way to make Flan in a microwave instead of an over?” He looks towards Astral still surprised by this statement even though it has been months since he has found out about it. He shook the thought from his brain.

“That’s interesting…” Astral raised an eyebrow in the most confused expression. “Well... how have things been with the Cirque so far has “she” returned?” Astral decided to take a seat in one of the two available chairs in his office.

“Everything is fine so far. The moon’s barrier seems to be holding up very well against the shadows and Magia hasn’t returned yet from the Nest so I’m unsure of what’s going on with that,” Jeremiah plopped himself on his chair and spun for a moment trying to think of anything else that he could report to Astral.

“I haven’t had any summons from Mother, so I am unsure of what’s going on with Magia either… I just hope that all is well with her since she has been gone for multiple years now, right?” Astral thinks and tries to get an answer from the Ringmaster.

“It has been about 5 years or so since she went on her “secret mission” so I’m unsure exactly. She never mentioned anything to me in regards to it. Either way, I do hope she returns. The island is falling apart and we are hoping to set up some mechanical contraptions to lift it into the air. I was thinking of asking God Akash for some assistance,” Jeremiah says crossing his fingers with each other while he ponders the ideas that have been circling in his head.

“Hmm… I wonder if the Mist threads aren’t holding up the island properly. At this point, it may sound like you may need to move it somewhere else,” Astral confesses.

“I don’t think we will be doing that. I don’t want the mysteries of the island to lose its charm. I am sure that we will figure something else out. Either way…” he tries to sway the conversation to a happier tune, “ I was thinking of doing these performances,” the ringmaster puts several papers out in front of Astral as they continue their conversation.


At the edges of the biome from the inside, a growl of a creature could be heard from the darkness past the barrier, and at form slight moment the barrier of the Moon’s light stutters while in its presence and it starts to shrink just slightly before it stops once again. Something sinister is creeping up to the biome and for a single moment Pierro feels the tremors across his Mist-filled body.

“What was that?!” Pierro looks out to the distance.