Sky World




Ruling God

Akash, God of Clouds


Realm Elevation 

The elevation from the center Realm is 26246.72 ft. to 49212.60 ft. (8 km to 15 km)


Main City

Celestial Steppe


Other Locations

Sunset Springs, Clouded Ruins, Forest of the Nebula Fog, and Shrine of the Cloud God.



Temperatures range from 15°C (59°F) to approximately −55°C (−67°F)



Typically partially cloudy or sunny with clouds at lower elevations than the islands. Wind Cyclone is an often occurrence around certain islands especially with Islands being so close to one another. Funnel of winds can also be an issue when clouds are of lower elevation than that of the islands. Yes, even with Tornadoes, Funnel of Winds can become an issue for Scarfoxes of the Islands. Akash usually handles these Wind Funnels with ease to prevent the Sky World from being harmed. 


Temperature Information

Temperatures retain their stagnant warmest levels during dawn and throughout most of the midday. They tend to cool off heavily towards dusk in an hour's timespan, going from 0 to -75 F (-17 to 24 C) in under an hour at the highest elevation.



None. There have been said to be large avian birds or even Dragons but those have yet to be seen. The waters are filled with variations of extinct fish that no longer exist in the domain of humans such as Armored Prehistoric Fish, Ceolacanth, Orefish, cuttlefish, certain species of nautilus, certain species of shellfish, Cyclopidae, Chirocephalidae, Asellidae, Atyidae, and a few others. Although it has been documented that the following Fauna can be brought and kept in this Biome, there is no record of Eggs being discovered of these Fauna in this Biome. 



Plant life does not exist in this location. However, due to the chemicals of the domain's layer to the outside of space as well as the substances of the water formed by soaked Mist Threads from each of the islands. Shellfish and Coral life have sprouted from the many years these islands have been floating in Sky World.



Sky World is a vastly open and freeing world in the realm where Scarfoxes can come to be enveloped in its cold crisp dewy atmosphere that's devoid of much if any oxygen, that dries out and chills as you travel up its tall expanse of atmospheric land. A world with developed islands and a much more trophic level. Akash has made his world one truly for the birds or Scarfoxes who crave adventures across the many floating islands that it has to offer.


Celestial Steppe
    • The city of Celestial Steppe offers places for Scarfoxes to rest upon the intricate moving shapes of clouded canopies or homes. Due to the chemical balances, a lot of strange shells can be found sprouting from the clouds especially when you dig into them. Rainbow-like fish can be seen swimming up and down the cascade of waterfalls that seem to disappear the moment they fall downwards.


Sunset Springs
    • Sunset Springs is a portion of pools of healing springs with a long road north of Celestial Steppe. These pools offer a peaceful rest for traveling Scarfoxes from the lower realm who have decided to travel to the Sky Islands. Along this long road, there is a fork that leads downwards that connects with a Bridge of Thread that leads to the lower Realm by crossing the invisible shield that protects each of the Realms. At this fork, you can find a large Inn that uses several of these wild spring pools and offers delicious seafood for those who decide to stay. The springs of this Inn are oddly warmer than those on the road and in the main city, as the owner uses some sort of Mist Magic to warm these springs for their visitors.


Passing the road of Sunset Springs welcomes another fork at the end of the road, one that leads either left or right. In the distance on the right, you can see the ends of a cliff and what seems like a small gentle cyclone of wind that lifts leaves high up into the air, past that cliff, and onto the open sky. There are several floating islands all of different shapes and sizes with large mountain-like glowing crystals embedded in stones that seem to be keeping the islands afloat. These crystals are in shades of light blues and purples and the stone appears to be smooth like marble. On the other fork, there seems to be an entrance to a forest full of golden-colored trunks marked with many strange swirls of darker color, their leaves are like white fluffy clouds that dispersed when touched by a Mist Hook¹

On the side, there is a sign pointing to each given road to the noted locations:
On the right: Forest of the Nebula Fog.
On the left: Clouded Ruins to the Shrine of the Cloud God. 


Forest of the Nebula Fog
    • The forest is covered by Sky Trees unique to this Sky World Realm. They are golden trunk covered is strange swirls of a darker gold or brown color, when the swirls glow white it means that the trees are ready to be fully harvested of their leaves. When this happens Scarfoxes who have an interest in Tailoring will travel to the forest to collect these wispy threads to make them into clothing using a Mist Hook. Once the trees have been harvested, the swirls will stop glowing and the tree itself can be cut down for wood. This wood is very good for making sturdy furniture, homes, or in general buildings. Luckily, once cut down the tree leaves a small sapling where it stood, and takes about several months to regrow. Some trees can drop Star Berries, which have a delightful taste, and a small amount of Mist. They are plump star-shaped berries with different color variations and fruity flavors. They can only be harvested once per tree, and will only regrow on new trees which makes them really rare. The Forest Keeper often scares away other Scarfoxes who dare harvest a large amount of these berries. The further into the woods you go the more endless and lost Scarfoxes become and only can be found by the Forest Keeper, which will lead the lost Scarfox back to the entrance of the Forest. Denser Nebula fog becomes more apparent the deeper you go, however, the Nebula’s point of existence is odd as it is not Mist. 


Clouded Ruins
    • Ruins of white stone and sections of different values of grey bricks, the pillars of white sitting at the entrances covered with pale almost white green colored vines that traverse up and from within the erosive parts of the stones. Statues of what looks to be welcoming winged Scarfoxes at each pillar, both masked and mouthless with an air of celestial prowess emanating from the figures holding halberd that may strike down those who dare disturb the peace of these ancients. The ruins themselves seem like a long maze, but those who dare to traverse them are found at the end, where two more statues kneel in acceptance atop these pillars at the adventurers who have delved into the labyrinth of the Clouded Ruins. 


Shrine of the Cloud God
    • Traversing that road with broken white columns and pillars covered in the pale green vines and surrounded by the same pale green grass, adventurers soon come to see the grass turning more white and wispy at the nearing marbled steps to a shrine. The pillars of the temple are white and filled with intricate evermoving clouds forming themselves and supporting a large triangle structure with the borders telling a story of the Cloud God and the blessings given to him by the All-Mother. Within the temple, a large Golden Bell can be rung before prayer to ask God Akash for possible opportunities, safe pilgrimage, and possible self-expedition. On each side of the bell, rainbow-colored transparent cloths are draped down that can be used to pull down and force the bell to be rung. Scarfoxes of the lower realm sometimes say that they can hear the sounds of the ringing bell. Akash can sometimes be found sitting at the centered throne raised by a small set of steps directly under the large Golden Bell, however, it is only a rare occurrence as the God himself doesn't usually stay too long due to the enjoyment of being free. When God Akash has given his blessing, he will do so by plucking one of his feathers from himself and resting it upon his throne. When he is not on his throne to give blessings, a gust of wind will reveal a similar feather sitting upon the empty throne of the winged God. 



¹Mist Hooks - A Mist Hook is a type of contraption used to create transparent and beautiful cloth from the fluffy leaves of the Sky Trees.