Aquatic Potion

Category: Potions

"...Take caution! It is said that whoever drinks this potion, their sense of taking in the underwater will change their physique..."



This potion is a one-time use that allows the scarfox to add one trait from the following list:

  • Poncho (Aquatic Example: Stingray)
  • Shape Extension
  • Animal Tail (Aquatic)
  • Animalia (Aquatic)
  • Glowing Markings
  • Fish Fins
  • Webbed Arms
  • Fangs/Tusks
  • Chompers
  • Antenna
  • Slime
How to Obtain:
  • Events
  • Prompts
  • 1800 281f3a025161fb943c22f663778e5cd6.png
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