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The beautiful night, where not many creatures value it and those that do take advantage of everything that poisons them

but others see the night as something dangerous, as some kind of curse if you stay a long time in the moonlight, myths among creatures

For this reason, a black Scarfox with a symbol of the moon transmitting the night, many looked at him with hate and fear, and for that reason he was bullied in an unfair and cruel way

this child was lonely, no one there to help him, no a family to lov him, there sufering alone in this world, sometimes was just torturing mentaly but sometimes was very badly hurt and sometimes almost dying

in one of those the boy ran as much as he could of the cruel scarfox, without looking where he was going, no matter where he was going, he just wanted to be far away, to be alone

finally totally tired he looks around to see if he lost sight of them, miraculously he was finally alone but then he realized something, the forest is not where he knew him so he was lost

I was in a beautiful swampy forest, with some other ponds and lakes, the night was approaching reflecting in the water

the Kid looked at the place in wonder, the hidden forest was beautiful but without looking he collides with someone, scared falling he reacts in a way of protecting himself and Screaming "please! don't hurt me!"

but a sweet voice spoke "do not worry little one, I do not want to hurt you", the kid not recognizing the voice besides sounding very innocent, decided to see, an a Lady scarfox, reflecting, even more, the same night, this helps him carefully to lift him up

"are you OK?" asks the lady, "You are ... like me" says the Kid impressed

After a while, the kid explains about his situation, that the others treat him badly by the appearance of him and at night being normally hurt and having to run away, the lady sympathizing with the boy

the boy remains silent only saying a few seconds later "nobody wants to be friends because of my appearance..., nobody really loves me"

When the lady saw this, she said "what if we are friends?" the impressed Kid says "seriously !?" and the lady says "yes, how's everything at night you visit me here, okay?", the happy Kid hugs the lady and leaves

The boy came home at midnight but then he thought of everything, who was that lady, is it really safe to go with her? What if everything they say is true?

Everything that he suffered let him fear invade him, "but ... what if it's really good?" says the Kid, "what if at the end of everything, really she is the opposite of what they say about me? ... and most of all she did not hurt me or was scared by my appearance when she saw me"

The Kid was left thinking a lot about his house, the next morning he went with fear almost last night to that place, he got a little lost on the way because he did not know the way he only found it by escaping without seeing where he was going until I finally found it thanks to the light that the lake emitted from the moon and there she was again with her friendly smile

At first, The Kid was afraid,in the firts nigth was to shy to talk to the lady and event no correctly talking, but the lady just take it calmly, that day meet each other they names and the likes

other nigth the lady show the beuty hiding of the nigth no one saw, the start, the moon, and the animals there living in peace in the nigth

this make the kid more scared, if all the other scarfox are real?, some nigths go to the lady but others no becuse of him, making him very confused about what to do, trust her? all the things are real?

one day when the sun was hiding he was bullying again with that scarfox, he run away again a going where was that secret forest, but this time the scarfox wanna make sure he disapear completly so they follow the kid and hurting him in the proces

in some point the Kid fall very hurting, almost beguing reach for the other scarfox but the lady appear just in time to protect the kid, making the other scarfox run away of fear

the kid was badly hurting to really see what is happening when he just fall sleep tired of the pain and runing

he wake up in the middle of the nigth in the water, he go out of the water and he look him marks, he was healing? the lady was there and she was happy and relive the kid is ok

the kid was confused "why you save me?", the lady respond "i cant let that scarfox hurting you like that, you dont deserv it"

the kid just start crying and hug the lady, he was too scared and too thankfull for the lady for save him,the lady just hug the kid and try to calm him

that nigth when happen, when the kid come back from him "home" all the scarfox seeing him with much hate but in the same with fear doing nothing, becuse of what happen with the Lady

of cose even is no hurting still is painfull beguing see by everyone with hate or fear, like a freak, like a monster

the next nigth the lady wanna show something to the kid, something more of the hiding forest no one know, when they reach to it was a cave with many beutyfull cristal only shine in the moon, was beutyfull, is like start you can actully see and touch closely

in other nigth they play in the water,and the lady teach the kid how to swim, showing what living in the water, beutyfull water creatures and treasure

other nigth ah beutyfull beutyflys appears flying with shine like starts, owls and wolfs signing in the nigths and bats flying looking for fruit to eat

everything the lady show the kid was beutyfull and is like everything diferent of the others scarfox, why the scarfox think the nigth or the moon is something dangerus?

one nigth the kid ask why the other scarfox was scared of us and why of the nigth and the moon?, the lady was kinda unconfotable with this ask as the kid inmediatly saying sorry to her but the lady say, "no, you need anserw of why"

so the lady tell a history... "Long time ago, a old kingdom was here before we or other scarfox exist,this ones was a cute cople, the kind and the queen was the cople more lovely of all the kingdom, one day they finally have a children a beutyfull girl, she likes go to the garden to the nigth when there no body there to annoying her, but one nigth she disapear, the kings was destroid of they child disappear so everynigth was looking for they daugther, more childrens disapear in the nigth, all this make of the tougths a kidnaper was arround the kingdom so the king send more knigths to found the missing kids and kill the one who is kidnape all this inocent childrens in the nigth, one day all the kids was found in a strange castle, very old and destroid and the same time magical...when the knigth enter to the Castle a evil witch was there, she was angry they enter to her terrotory trowing a dark magic of the nigth to everyone of the kingdom, a valient knigth kill the witch and all the kingth saves the kids exept..the little princes, she was alredy used for evil potions from the witch, the kindom suffer a dark moment of they lifes, bad things happen in the nigth, evil creatures appeas, so no one go out of they homes but the one no reach of they house in the nigth..they disappear with it...the queen suffer a big sadness of the destiny of her smalll child and the king him heart become more and more like a rock, trying to save they kingdom from the magic of the witch"

the kid was shoked of all this, "even this is a old history of the past, still scarfox belive in this more of the many bad things happen in the nigth of the day of sorry i have be the one of telling you this"

the kid just dont know what to say for a moment...but them he finally talk "so...we are like that witch? we wil be like that with in the future?", the lady respond "no! absotluly no, we not will be like her, only is what the people think sadly.."

that day the kid get confused about him life about all the history, all the pain just for something in the past? what happen if happen again? all was even more confused

nigths pased and the lady noticed the change of the kid, when she tell that story that nigth the kid seems sad, so the lady try to get better and bring back that happy and curios kid, she teach the kid some names of the starts and costelations, what are the names of the fases of the moons and showing some new animals in the nigth

othe nigth go to the lady this time rabbits was with her jumping happy in the forest, was pretty fun be with the rabbits

even this story was very cruel the lady show every good part of the nigth, maybe the thing happen that day happen but no more will happen in the present, now is just a legend

Several nights have passed, and little by little the Kid have connected with the Lady, at first being friends but ... little by little The kid have seen her as a mother, a mother that kid has not had ...

the kid was afraid to tell her what he thought of her as a mother, most of all how she would take it, so many nigths happen but more nigth pased more they connected, the lady more helping the kid and teaching him and the kid more seeing her like a mother

he really wanna say about what he feel with the lady but was to scared of what she will be reach having many scenarios in him mind, until have a great idea!

in one nigth when was goin to home, he go back to the forest but a other way to go to the cave of cristal so the lady will not found him, when him arrive to the cave of cristal, he try to get one cristal, one was just egnoft but was really stuck in the wall, was very hurd but finally get a cristal out of the wall

with the cristal in hand, now is time to make the base, he always like to recoled interesting things he found in the floor, he found many pices of metal in the floor, so he start creating that pises of the metal like a necklace but even the base is done need to do the most important, the cristal

so hardly remove parts of the cristal little by little taking form of a moon, and adding it to the necklace, the perfect gift was finnaly done!

that nigth Ithe kid happily arrived hiding the gift behind him, smiling and saying hi to the lady, as she always greets him with affection and respect, until she notices the kid hands are hidden

With a certain curiosity, the lday wonder why he was hiding him hands from her? she thougth if was hurted worrying her a little until, "Tada!!" The kid said that while he was holding a small but cute box

She was surprised, she did not expect this at all, he go close to her and he give her the gift, she just looks surprised, at this point the kid was already getting nervous and a little scared

there finally she begins to carefully open the gift, until she finally sees what's inside

it's a cute moon-shaped gem necklace, she stays without words

in that with big fear I ask her "do you like the gift? i made it for you!"

she ... starts crying !? That the least expected the kid until he was scared and began to forgive but ...

"Thank you ... no one in life has given me something" she looks at the kid with tears and a smile

the kid surprised but in the same time relieved and smiled and nervously told her "I wanted to give you this since ... since I met you, you've been like a mother to me ... mom"

she is even more surprised and cries more and smiles and hugs the kid thanking him for the gift and those beautiful words

the next nigths was more beutyfull, finally with a mother who will protect him a love him no matter what but a big chose make the kid

he was alredy tire come back and leave him mother so he decide leave the village he live, he take the importat things he have, saving him to a big Cloth tired to a stick, with everything important save, he start to get out of the village, some scarfox see him and noticed he finally will leave the village, starting saying "yea! get far away from here you frick!" the words was hurting him but this will be last time will hear that scarfox

he arrive to the forest where the lady was, the lady say "you ready my child?" the kid respond, "im not but...there not come back", the lady take the kid hand and starting walk more inside of the forest

in some part the kid ask "how much we arrive to our new house?", the lady responds "i dont know my child, but surely we will found out soon, a home no one will there to hurting us"

they walk very too much, when the day reach they sleep in the shadows of the treets, they found rivers, new part of the forest when the leafts of the treets was whites, and even new animals helping this small family to they small adventure to found the perfect home

that very nigths the lady teach more thing to the kids about the life, naturaleze and space, and most important about the food, one are safe to eat and other not""

one nigth a strange thing happen, the mood was red, the kid was scared and hug the lady, scared say "w-what happen to the moon!? why is red now!? its the witch dark magic!?" the lady hug and calms the kid, "no,its not,is just the bloody moond" she say, "the bloody moon?" the kid confused say, "yes, the moon one time of the year show this red color, i dont event dont know why this but is nothing wrong about it, is just a special look" the kid little by little calm donw and that time the small family stay there looking to the red moon taking a rest of the big walk

when they rest they continued walking the next nigth and the kid ask the lady "more thing can happen to the moon?" the lady say "well my child, sometimes the moon show a small drawing of a rabbit, a legend say a god arrive to the earth to see and live with the scarfox, when was hurngry there no food around them so a rabbit sacrificed him life to feed the good, the good thank fully for a way to thank the rabbit, the rabbit soul go to the moon and drawing on it a way to be rebember to him sacrifice of save others with him life"

"woooow" the kid say, "hehe, well is there other thing too, the eclipse, this is no much about a change of the moon, is more of the moon and son, when both of them go up the moon hide the sun causin the eclipse, happen the moon and sun beguing toguether but is true can hurt if you see the eclipse for much time" the lady say, continue telling and teaching more things of the moon

the walk was too long was geting tired the small familly but they finally arrive they new home

a small nigth paradise with beutyfull treeths and one of them was bigger, the kid was impressed and say "this is our new home?", the lady say "yes,we finally found it"

with time and help of the animal make the big treeth they new house of a beutyfull home for live and relax, very far away and hiding of other scarfox no one will hurt they, with close food,a little cute garden and animal friends always be there to play

still one nigth the kid ask the lady "mom, what happen if there more like us? we could save they?" the lady respond "i dont know my child but if there a chance to found other scarfox need our help i will open my arms to help they and they live in our house"

in that same nigth the kid ask to the lady "what you think my parents leave me?...they was sacred of me of my aparence?", the lady in silence respond "i dont know my child, maybe can be, or maybe other persons not let her have you... i can anserw you correctly have me now, still im sad all this time was lonely with out someone to teach you and protect you but im here for take care of you now"

the kid happy hug the lady and say "thanks for be my mom, thanks for meet you that nigth"

but the lady say "no, thank you for exist, for meet you, you was the bets gift the life give me"

Since that nigth the lady has never taken off the necklace the Kid gave her and she has been the best mother for the Kid and They have never separated

The End

Note: the characters not belongs to me and not know what are they actully history, this is only a Au for the prompt, so plz i hope you enjoy!!

Note 2: this is a big update of my old prompt i hope is correct this time


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