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"... Within the Hidden Garden & the Wind Valley, more flowers bloomed across the land after recent rainfall. 

The terrain displayed by vibrate and multiple shades of pink flowers welcoming the month of May adorn with the sweet smell of blossomed flowers filling the air.

Perhaps you should grab someone dear to you and run across the field together. Someone who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take ..."


Welcome to May Prompt 2022! Mother’s Day is coming so this month we’ll be having another calm and sweet prompt
Spending time with a person who feels like a parent or who has been there for you.


Location: HIDDEN GARDEN & Wind valley

Below are some ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:

  • Draw or Write your Scarfox enjoying chilling out with someone that they feel a motherly connection with.
  • Draw or Write your Scarfox gifting another fox who is like a mother.


  • Must be a fullbody or shows most of the body, with color, detailed background, and another character. A fullbody counts at 90% of the body showing minimum
  • Any literature pieces must be minimum of 1k words.
  • There must be two Scarfoxes within the image.
  • Non-Owners are welcome to participate by using NPCs or another member's scarfox with their permission. NPC Astral is able to be used.
  • your fox must be placed in the listed biome location, the background must look like the listed biome in some way or form


Participants will receive the Mothers Pearl Badge, as well as a Free Common MYO slot, 20 chronicle pages, and 500 crystals! 

9-image.png  58-image.png

Note: you can enter this prompt multiple times to earn extra crystals and pages ONLY. to claim rewards for extra entries youll need to submit via a claim! 

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