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Hello everyone, I have finally gone ahead and given all the MYO slots their new updated prices that you voted for which are listed below:

Common - $30
Uncommon - $50
Rare - $75
Very Rare - $90
Mystic | Hollow - $120
Unstable will remain at $250 since Ustables have 8 traits available.

I will also be opening MYO slots every weekend from Friday 12AM CST to Sunday 11:59PM CST.
MYOs slots will only be available on the weekends.
This will be a test run and MYO prices are subject to change if we see fit.

If there are any questions, please ask them in scarfox-faq or below in the comment section. 

MYOs are currently open in the shop. 

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ReiynStorm Avatar

Where can i find the myo shop ?

2022-01-28 08:57:22

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