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Hey everyone, just a couple of updates.

ONE. The Eggstravaganza event ends soon. Don't forget to send those submissions and claims in

TWO. All Monthly and Free FTO MYOs have been uploaded. Please remember if you're going to share your MYO to follow the rules in the #myo-design-feedback channel.

THREE. I am seeking two Admins. Please make sure to read the above on the Forms to make sure that you qualify for the job position. I will read through all of them first and select a handful of people that will move on to the interviewing stages.

Link to the Application Sheet
Administrator Applications will be open until April 30th, 2021 @ 11:59 PM EST.


FOUR. May is going to be a really busy month for us because we have a lot releasing for you guys that month for more gaming enjoyment.

FIVE. Regarding the month of May:
- May 1st will release the MYO Sale, 10 slots will be available.
- May 27th is a Special Sale on MYOs, 10 slots will be available PLUS 10 FREE FTO MYO slots.
- May's prompt will be based on Mother's Day and will have a Common MYO along with a Special Pet Egg for the reward.
- Planning on releasing the first 3 Rites, Scavenging, Farming, and Alchemy quests will be unlocked and Pet Buffs will be coded in.
- Locations are being updated with a more detailed look as well as items are being added for the Scavenge daily game.

So far that is all I have. Please be a little patient with the Mod team as they are working hard to provide you with more gaming experience in the Scarfox ARPG.
Thanks for your support everyone!

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ChinchicoAtsuki Avatar

You work very well and the group is becoming more interesting
We love you team!!

2021-04-14 19:44:20

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