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I am tagging everyone on this because this is a rather important announcement that I am going to be making. 

From TOMORROW until OCTOBER 1st 2022, the Scarfox Realm and Staffing will be taking a small hiatus. 

We have come to a decision that we will need some time to come back with some updated stuff as well as editing somethings on the site and more events to come. 

Updates will be going out between these months as you guys traverse the site. I request that in during these two months, questions about MYO updates and design updates be placed on a temporary hold to give us time for our small MYO team to recover and hopefully hire more MYO mods. 

I am kindly asking that all claims, myo designs, and design updates be placed on a brief hold.

That being said, there is an issue I need to address regarding to personal health. Due to a situation, I myself need a small breather from the community as things today have led to uncertainties. I am going to be taking a bunch of medication for my recent diagnosis and this situation has affected my mental health. I need to take a small moment to gather myself and my thoughts before I continue to put more into the species as a whole. Provided proof of my diagnosis is below as well as proof that I do need to pay for these meds as my insurance does not cover them.

I'm not giving up on it I just need a small break and come back fully fresh to continue doing work on the site and expanding. 

Please I ask kindly that the community complies with our decision as staff. 

Thank you for your time and support!






ChinchicoAtsuki Avatar

I’m very sorry Darci
Hope you get better soon …

2022-08-01 17:02:15

AutsunetheGuardian Avatar

Hoping everyone gets the rest they need! It's unfortunate that the situation happened the way that it did. Wishing you all the best with your breaks!

2022-08-01 02:16:30


Sending my best wishes, Darci! I'm glad that they have been able to help you, and I hope that everything goes well for you! <3 Take all the time you need and be safe!

2022-08-01 02:05:57

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