March Event and Prompts

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Hello everyone, I know it's a bit late but Happy New Year to the Scarfox Realm. 

I wanted to start off the New Year with a really nice event called Eggstravaganza.

This event is based on Easter and the reason that this event is going up early is due to the fact that it's a long event.

This event will range from March 3rd, 2021 until April 11, 2021

Your goal is to find 6 different colored eggs to create a new egg called Mystery Egg which will allow you to obtain one of the new several Pets in the Scarfox Realm. 

Since people are still new to the site, you can find the events page located under World: The Realm and check the sidebar for Events.

Special rewards for this event include the Mystery Egg and the Egg Basket Badge



We also have a prompt for the month of Saint Patrick's Day.

Check the prompts page under World's Tab to find more information regarding activities that your Scarfox can do during the March Prompt.

This prompt will go from March 3rd, 2021 until March 31, 2021.

The special reward you can earn in this prompt is a Mini Potion and the special Clover Badge


Again, thanks to your support we now have this awesome website. We are still working towards making it better and more fun for you in the future. 

Thank you, everyone, I appreciate all that you do to make this species have amazing things for its future. 



itsrainingtacos Avatar

Daw man i missed the event, maybe next time ;w;

2021-05-10 07:38:45

TokyoTamare Avatar

How / Where do I even start this "ARPG"?

2021-05-03 20:16:31

Darci Avatar
Darci Site Owner

We are releasing a beginner’s guide this month to help new members. You won’t need a Scarfox for most of the ARPG

2021-05-04 01:31:25

TokyoTamare Avatar

Ok, thank you.

2021-05-04 14:16:05

CaptainTigglesworth Avatar

The event and prompt concepts are super cute! I'm stoked to participate and hope I finish submissions in time!

2021-03-03 17:29:54

Darci Avatar
Darci Site Owner

Thank you so much I hope you guys enjoy <3

2021-03-03 17:34:55

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